Sannikov repeated for shock true Kastusyou did not want to please all

The morning of 26 November on the state radio were the presidential candidates Andrei Sannikov and Gregory Kastusyou. Or justifiable practice verbatim repetition of speeches of candidates for radio and television? Says Vitaly Tsigankov

Ander Sannikov repeated his televised address, only in Belarusian.

If about a television appearance Sannikov were, among others, criticisms that his text he read, and dida negative impression on some of the spectators during air time — that person is not on the radio show and the main impression is left of his voice. His voice Sannikov pretty sure he knows how to tonally emphasize the point. You can, however, be noted that there were some errors in the Belarusian infrequent pronunciation, but they did not reach a certain critical level.

Let me remind you that the performance of Sannikov its content was perhaps the most radical words such as "a country ruled by a dictator, the investments do not go", students from other candidates have not.

Many analysts, political scientists discussing how it might affect voters. It has been suggested that it is such a hard protrusion on the brink of a foul just might attract the most attention, cause resonance. This "shock pravdaterapiya." As for the fact that not everyone will like it, that is the opinion that there is no need to win 50 percent of the electorate, because, first, it is not impossible, and secondly, there is no election. The main thing — maximize those 25-30 percent protest vote that could potentially ready to protest, so to speak — to go to the square. Speech Sannikov was primarily aimed at these people

Gregory Kastusyou also literally repeated his televised address.

Gregory Kastusyou seem the least worried at all about how to please everyone. The main thing — to express the principles of the Belarusian Popular Front party, and not to draw sympathy possible most of the electorate. He promised to dissolve the KGB, to plant officials (only those who steal), nationalize Beltransgaz.

As for repetition, it looks like, the teams decide the candidates after each performance that their treatment had only a positive effect and decide that they have nothing to change. As candidates, perhaps, decide that if someone did not see them on TV, after the resonance caused by the first performance, he always listens to radio address.

In my view, it is a defect. In fact, after each performance of candidates takes place pretty much discussion on the Internet. Expressed critical and positive views about the text of the candidate. Candidates could correct their weaknesses, and it seems that the teams of some candidates force was only enough for one show, and that's why they decided not to change anything and the second one does not cook.

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