Scientists: the soul — is a quantum cluster

Vision, the people who visit during clinical death may be caused by the phenomenon of so-called "sleep paralysis," the scientists said. Something similar is happening to us and on the border of sleep and wakefulness, and in some other situations. However, the afterlife does exist, but its nature is of a different nature than we think.

So, one day in December 1964, a student of anthropology David Hufford was fast asleep in his room. Before this young man survived the attack of mononucleosis, and was exhausted preparing for final exams. David suddenly woke sound of an opening door. Some invisible entered the room and approached the bed. David covered the mortal terror, while he could not move a limb … The young man felt something leaned heavily on his chest, it became difficult to breathe. A pair of invisible hands around his neck and started to squeeze. "I thought I was going to die," — says Hufford.

But this paralysis had disappeared, he jumped like a scalded cat off the bed and started to run. This episode has made such an impression on Hufford that later he began a serious interest in the various anomalous phenomena, and even coined the term

He found that the unseen guest in a dream not only to him but to other people, and attempted to fully explore this phenomenon. Yet psychologists say such cases only hypnagogic hallucinations, which usually occur in people just before falling asleep.

These visions can be both auditory and visual character. A person can face chuditsya, landscapes, different scenes. Sometimes I fall asleep not accept hallucinations as reality, and sometimes he is convinced that all is really going on. Such images are usually static, so they can identify. Hypnagogic hallucinations may appear in the event that a person is tired or just dozing off. Also, before awakening from a dream, we can see the so-called hypnopompic hallucinations, usually repeating fragments of recent dreams.

Hallucinations can also be associated with the phenomenon of sleep paralysis, arising before falling asleep or just after waking up. It is characterized by the fact that the person is unable to speak or move. In this case, it can occur visual, auditory, or tactile images, sometimes superimposed on the really existing reality. This is explained by neurophysiological features of the "transitional" state from wakefulness to sleep and vice versa. Most of these states have been observed in those who suffer from any sleep disorders, such as narcolepsy.

Not be ruled out that sleep paralysis is a reason that some people see angels or aliens. However, all this does not cancel the assumptions about the afterlife. Most recently, a group of American researchers led by anesthesiologist Stuart Hameroff has announced that they have managed to prove the possibility of the existence of the soul after death. In its report, Hameroff says, that our soul is something more fundamental than a set of neural connections.

"I think that consciousness, or its predecessor, has always existed in the universe, perhaps, from the time of the Big Bang" — said the scientist. Thus the soul is not born with man, but only dwell in our body from the outside, and leaves him when we die. Therefore, in the dying moment our consciousness fixes "white light" or "tunnel" — a soul "flies" in the Universe, where it was originally.

"When the heart stops beating and blood stops flowing through the vessels, microtubules lose their quantum state — says Hameroff. — However, the quantum information that they are not destroyed. It can not be destroyed, so the spread and scattered through the universe. If the patient was in intensive care, survives, he tells of "white light", can not even see how he "comes out" of the body. If dies, the quantum information is uncertain, there is a body. It is the soul. "

True, this is not evidence, but rather a hypothesis. But many cases of reincarnation (when people "remember" their "past lives", talk about things that could be known only to the "predecessor"), as well as belief in the transmigration of souls, characteristic of Eastern teachings, indirectly indicate that Hameroff and his colleagues may well be right.

By the way, the theory perfectly explains the fact that the state of coma sometimes can change the personality of the individual — and that if he just settles different quantum nature? Well, we, of course, accustomed to call it soul. The final verdict can make when at the disposal of scientists will be at least one quantum clot, is the human soul, and it will be possible to conduct a series of experiments on it.

Margarita Trinity

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