Scientists warn: Armageddon 2 years! Millions will die!

Millions of people could die, and humanity can be dropped in the development of hundreds of years — all this only because of the effect of solar Carrington, who is expected to be in the world in 2013. Warned about the threat the Polish and American scientists. All agree on one thing: this deadly phenomenon. Modern people are simply dependent on electricity and electronics. Computers monitor nuclear power plants, defense and aircraft flights.
Meanwhile, NASA scientists say that the sun enters a phase of intense activity. In May 2013, the Earth can reach deadly energy that will cause severe thunderstorms and lightning from a perturbation of the electromagnetic field. What does this mean?

Most likely, that at some point stop working all electrical and electronic equipment. The consequences of this — terrible …

— Stand trains, trams and metro. Cease to operate elevators, gas stations, telephones, radio and television. Start dropping planes … Finally, over the water ceases to be health care, trade, banks and computer systems, — told reporters, "Super Express" prof. Zbigniew Jaworowski (84 years), the eminent Polish radiologist. Losses will be huge, and humanity can for years plunge into chaos. The U.S. has already started preparations to ensure that, to the extent possible as well as possible, to neutralize the effects of the disaster. NASA (National Aerospace Agency) continuously monitors the explosions on the surface of the Sun. Similar work is underway in Europe. The European Union has allocated € 22 million to protect its energy networks from the potential threat from outer space — says, "Super Express".

Carrington effect has already been observed on Earth more than 150 years ago, but there was no electricity networks, which could damage the solar radiation. Today, electromagnetic storms and disturbances of the magnetic field means one thing — a global cataclysm.

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