Searchers. Iron King Russian watch online

Searchers.  Iron King Russian watch online
1797, Saint — Petersburg. In the office of Paul I received a denunciation. It is reported that the breeder Andrew Batashev, arranged at the estate of undercover Mint, in which gold coins are minted. In the 17-18 centuries Batashevykh name was better known than either Stroganoff Demidov.
Andrew Rodionovich Batashov was a tyrant, and worked as desired. If he wished to expand their holdings, the owner of the vending village, declared value, which Batashov was willing to pay for it. And God forbid landlord Batashev refused, the owner of one of the villages simply disappeared without any trace. According to the legend Batashev excluding land seized vending wives and daughters of the neighboring landowners.

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