Secret experiments on crossing humans and apes


Kidnapping large monkeys women are known to anthropologists since the colonization of the Black Continent. Poor things in the harsh conditions of the jungle did not live long. They died from the brutal lovemaking males, or from hunger, as the grass and roots that feed the monkeys, there could …

Oliver from the African jungle

"While no one can definitely say that he had met the offspring of the marriage of the monkey and man. But the people who've seen the male chimpanzee, nicknamed Oliver, make a clear conclusion that the existence of such properties, then it is possible."

This amazing creature caught in the early seventies of the last century in the jungle of the Congo and sold in South Africa couple Barger, who dressirova-whether wild animals for a variety of shows.

"Oliver immediately struck the imagination of the spouses. He went on only two legs, characterized chalsya restrained behavior and surprising quickness. Chimps so just copied the behavior of people that impression — he did it oc-mentally. If Oliver was given a coin, he walked to the machine with soft drinks and brought out a bottle of Coca-Cola. Barger He fed the dog, husky dog that belonged to the monkey as a human being. "

Even people noticed that from Oliver smelled differently from its neighbors. In the house he went to the toilet and dropped a is water. Most liked spouses when Oliver as well as Frank Barger, sitting watching TV in the evening with a glass of whiskey in his hand. Copying the master, he mixed alcohol with orange juice, sipping a cocktail in small sips and blissfully blinked, staring at the TV screen.

Externally Oliver also different from other apes. Hairless head and chest, more bright than usual, color intelligent eyes, heaviness of the lower jaw and ears, in the form of more human-like, made on all who saw his non-ordinary experience. Even monkeys eschewed Oliver, and he often sad cases in B alone.

"Scientists have shown a great interest in the amazing chimpanzees. According to the Zeta-ha Sunday Telegraph, experts of the University of Chicago did a blood test and Oliver were amazed that he was 47 chromosomes. This is one well-chromosome is less than normal monkeys, but one more than the people. Bio-logic put forward several hypotheses about the origin of Oliver. Some said that this mutant, which appeared as a result of human disturbance ecology of Central Africa, others believed that the unusual chimpanzee — the result of a love affair and pygmy monkeys. "

The family of the spouses Barger was peace until Oliver has not reached sexual maturity. He began to show interest not to females chimpanzees, and by Jeannette Barger. Oliver shta shown were not worn. Jeannette saw that when it occurs close to the male all his ec-testvo revolting. He quickly ran up to the hostess, climbed under her skirt, tried to POWA-cast to the ground. However, in the presence of Frank male behave modestly.

First, the behavior of Oliver amused, but then not a little scared. One-zhdy night when Frank was not at home, Oliver came through the window in the bedroom of his wife. She nearly fainted when, suddenly woke up and saw OSKA lenny-mouth monkey, already ripped off her nightgown and spreads her legs powerful hairy legs. Jeannette miraculously escaped from Inflamed of the animal.

After this incident, Barger sold a monkey in one of the medical laboratories in the state of Pennsylvania, where he studied quite thoroughly. It is known that, after Oliver several times severely punished for sexual harassment by female-mu medical staff, he settled down, started a harem of ten female chimpanzees and sired many offspring …

Looking for ancestors

In the past, many people believed descended from animals. Small-Gashi, for example, their ancestors believed zebras, Guineans — a large spider, five-Betz — monkey dagomeytsy — leopard.

"In the horse's ancestors believed arkadiytsy, Indians and Tartars. Siamese believe in their pro-union procession of women and a dog. As the old legend of the Ainu: On one of the most beautiful islands of the Japanese archipelago lived a young woman. Once, returning from a hunting trip, she met dog, who invited her to become her guardian, friend and lover. She agreed, and from their union were born ancestors of the Ainu people. "

"The Indians of the south-western Canada Rfizund tell of a young woman who co-toruyu stole the bear, and she became the wife of the leader. During the marriage, is covered in detail in the legend, she gave birth to two cubs. Already before his death, the leader of the Bears managed to sing magical song that turned two of his sons cubs in humans. Several years later, after the death of his mother, the guys came back to live among humans. Their descendants have spread all over the place. "

This legend is different, Danish, tell about the animal ancestors of local monarchs. And in this case, a lovely young woman was taken away Miedwie dem. After a few years of marriage, she gave birth to a beast of a young bear cub with human features. Her husband was once a bear killed by hunters, and the women on with his son returned to the society of men. In memory of his father was a man named Ursus. He later married and had a son named Ulso, which in turn became the father of Swain, the first king of Denmark.

In ancient Greece, a famous mathematician Thales advised his master Periana-other, that he did not trust the sheep of his flock unmarried shepherds, if it wants to avoid the birth of the centaur.

In Greco-Roman mythology, the goddess Aphrodite is often used as a peo-bovnikov lions and horses. A Pazifa, the wife of King Minos of Crete, so hopelessly in love with a bull that was born out of the passion of the Minotaur, poluchelovek — polubyk.

The image of the snake seduced by Zeus Olympia, the daughter of King Philip of Macedonia, and in the same manner was conceived future conqueror Alexander the Great.

"Plutarch in the paradox tells the following story: A young shepherd showed me the child, whom he had from his mare. Upper part of the body of a newborn, was human, and bottom — of a horse. Crying baby like a normal novoro-firmed."

With the spread of Christianity to do with sex with animals change nilos. He began to treat as a grave sin, but, in spite of the taboos and prohibitions, co-populations of animals continued to be widespread among both women and men. And in this regard, throughout the Middle Ages and the revival of people believed that ugly offspring is the result of such unions.

"Paracelsus & Fortune Licetus, Italian obstetrician XVI century and the kind of pain-Scheu expert in matters of child freaks, lists numerous cases of human birth and the birth of children animals or animal hybrids women. Fathers were, as a rule, horses, dogs, lions, and even unicorns. Renowned physician Ambroise Pare, in his memoirs tells how, in 1274 in Verona la Coba, fertilized by his master, gave birth to a centaur. drive is also the case with the woman who gave birth to a child with a dog's body from the waist down. "

In 1685, the great anatomist Bartholin claimed that he saw a woman who after having sex with her cat gave birth to a child with a cat's head.

Even at the end of XIX century, some British researchers considered probable and wrote that Black women were married with gorillas. Women allegedly learned how to use the fire and monkeys perform many simple household chores. And their children — half — prosimians — were even able to talk …

"The creators of ball"

"The first attempt to put into practice what is considered to be impossible, neosuschest-nerable, unacceptable in Soviet Russia were made in the first years after the October Revolution. At this time, the campaign gained momentum in the so-called rejuvenation. To the hungry, impoverished country, bled dry Civil war matured grand plans victory over old age! "

"In 1923, the newspaper Krasnaya Niva informed about the fantastic success of the Patriotic Science transplant testicular germ chickens, guinea pigs and dogs: The old egg-laying hens has been restored, and the old guinea pigs were impact-rotating ability of childbirth!"

But what is the chickens and pigs, compared with its closest relatives human rights — the primates? And Soviet scientists created a new temptation: to cross a human with a monkey!

"The pioneer in this hitherto unexplored area was Professor Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov. Not that he was a charlatan, rather genius. This, by the way, he thought, when artificial insemination of mammals."

About how long and hard to Professor Ivanov nurtured the dream, as it was burning, evidenced by its memorandum of Education Commissar Lunacharsky:

"The method of artificial insemination allows you to get closer to the question of the origin of man. From the very beginning I was trying to research activities carried stvit staging experiments crossbreeding humans and apes. At the time I was negotiating with the former owners of the famous zoos, a former trustee of the Institute of Experimental Medicine TOBOSSKAYA . however, fear ne-ed by the Holy Synod was stronger than the desire to meet that begins NIJ …

At this time, for the production of these experiments have but the money. I assume that the Soviet government could be in the interests of science and promotion of natural and historical world to meet in this case and if the issue is not all that much of this amount. I consider it necessary to add that he had received an offer from the Pasteur Institute for final negotiations and realization of the experiments. It would be a shame if this work took place without the participation of the Soviet Union. "

The professor had requested him to experiment 15,000 dollars.

My work with the method of artificial insemination of mammals — wrote Yves-new leaders of the Soviet government's May 27, 1925 — of course, have led me to think up experiments crossing through artificial insemination between different kinds of apes, and between the latter and the human eyelid. These experiments can provide very important facts to clarify the question of the origin of man. Getting hybrids between different types of anthro-oids is more than likely. You can almost vouch for the production of these new forms. The birth of a hybrid form between man and anthropoid less likely, but the possibility is not excluded it. My attempts to pre-revolutionary times to get along, work in this direction have not been successful. On the one hand, interfere with the religious prejudices of the other — for the organization of these experiments required solely situation and heavily …

"After just four months, September 30, 1925, the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences is solved, that the expedition of Professor Ivanov in Africa to organize hybridization experiments at anthropoids should be recognized as deserving more attention and full support."

Genius, congregate with brakes

"In French Guinea Ivanov left for the summer of 1926, but here he was in for disenchantment: The study has not yet begun crossing, as finding for pay women tuzemok has not been possible — he wrote to Moscow. — In view of this, I conspired and received the consent of the doctor set up experiments in the hospital, it would be easy to do … "

However, the governor said that he had no objection in principle, provided that the experiments will be placed with the consent of patients. This condition made the staging of these experiments, based on already established, it is extremely difficult.

"That's why I attach great importance to the despatch of the Pygmies of Rabona, because with them the above problems should arise …"

However, in new appropriations for experiments Ivanov was denied. But the professor did not give up and immediately drafted a resolution that was punched through a commission established by the scientific department of People's Commissars of the USSR. Here are just some of the points of this project:

"By joining the Resolution of Physics and Mathematics Department of the All-Union Academy of Sciences on September 30, 1925 a relatively large value of the planned research prof. I. Ivanov experiments on interspecific hybridization on anthro-oids, the Commission considers that:

1. interspecific hybridization experiments on anthropoids should be continued prof. Ivanov at the Sukhumi monkey nursery, as between different types of monkeys, and between apes and man

2. experiments should be furnished with all the necessary precautions and proceed in strict isolation of women, excludes the possibility is natural insemination

3. experiments should be put to the greatest possible number of women … "

"Naturally, a high-level academic committee approved the project a bold innovator, and in August 1927 the Red newspaper article future in Sukhumi monkey wrote: It is supposed to put here the artificial insemination of monkeys of different species with each other and with humans. As an experiment will be delivered to the artificial insemination of female monkeys and monkeys from a man by the method of prof. Ivanov. "

"This publication made a splash overseas and Western scholars have called for the immediate stop immoral, unethical experiments. Abroad hastened to reassure the public, saying that it was a misunderstanding, and no crossing experiments are not conducted in Russia: in Sukhumi on monkeys only test new drugs and progressive methods of treatment. "

"The Secret of Bigfoot"

However, Ivanov of Sukhumi is not left, just his program is strictly classified.

"Intense crossing experiments of human and ape continued in the nursery until 1932. Received the first encouraging results, Ivanov re-sewed make them accessible to the scientific community. But in the Soviet Union attempted to publish them even in closed scientific journals failed. Fact-he always tried to transfer them to their foreign counterparts. attempt failed. Ivanov was arrested, accused of treason and in the same 1932 shot. "

Unfortunately, after traces of the monstrous experiments are inherently lost. Li-po experiments have been discontinued, or, more likely, they are so secretive that even to this day they are a mystery.

"But, as we know, there is any mystery veil that from time to time, opening the etsya. B. The book zoologist Eyvelmansa Riddle frozen human com-viation is one of his familiar, trustworthy, as the author notes that in 1952 -1953 years she met friends Russian doctor, who escaped from a Siberian prison camp. This Russian said he was arrested for failure to comply with the order: it was necessary to make fertilization with sperm women Mongolian race goril-ly. "

The experiments were conducted in the hospital management of the Gulag.

"Russian got so ape race: they have a growth of 1.8 m, is covered with hair, working in the salt mines, have a herculean labor force and Xia almost without rest. Grow faster than humans, and therefore are quickly becoming at -fit for work. their only drawback — the inability to reproduce. But researchers are working in this direction. "

"After reading these lines in the sensational head involuntarily slips in the wild, at first glance, the idea: what if all these artificially created ape-nolyudi and elusive Bigfoot — came from a lab? Officially relict hominoid science does not recognize, but it regularly seen in different parts of the world. Does this mean that the crossing experiments humans and monkeys were conducted not only in Russia? "

Gennady Fedotov

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