Shushkevich: Belarus does not have highly enriched uranium

Company Belarus eliminate all its stocks of highly enriched uranium, and the United States intend to provide this technical and financial assistance. This decision was recorded today in a joint statement, the United States and Belarus, adopted at the end of the meeting U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Foreign Minister of Belarus Sergei Martynov at the OSCE summit in Astana.

According to the statement, Belarus intends to carry it to the next summit on nuclear security in 2012. U.S. Secretary of State called this intention "is very significant and important step in Belarus."

Joint Statement of the United States and Belarus concerning uranium, we were asked to comment on the policy, the doctor physical and mathematical sciences, a specialist in nuclear physics Stanislav Shushkevich.

Bushlyakov: How did you react to the information on the Elimination of Belarusian uranium? What is this, another pragmatic step of the official Minsk?

Shushkievich: I do not know what kind of performance put the Belarusian side. Because in Belarus has never had this enriched uranium. How did he come from? If he is, he's a big pollution and must be allocated to such enterprises, which in Belarus. So I see this as a performance staged by the Belarusian authorities to show that it has some positive steps. There was this uranium. All the nuclear weapons we have deduced. In its time I'm in the Bialowieza Forest said that we will derive without any preconditions. She was bred. All the documents were signed in my time chairman of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Belarus. Obviously, we have a ton of contaminated uranium from a former research reactor in the Pines, and the mud is necessary to fuse under the guise of someone I do not know why. From it you can make a bomb if the usual stuff the bomb that uranium. You can make a "dirty" bomb. But none of nuclear We have no more, neither uranium nor plutonium. I think this is all a big provocation of our government.

Bushlyakov: You say that nuclear uranium was in the 1990s, completely withdrawn from Belarus and the current talk about the 100, 200, 300 kilograms of highly enriched uranium Belarus — not more than false information?

Shushkievich: This is a myth. How did he come from? In Belarus, there is no industry that can enrich. In Belarus there were no such studies that would be required is sensitive quantity of enriched uranium. They were not at all in Belarus. It's all fiction, much provocation. I do not know who's on it went, and who listens to these stories.

Bushlyakov: It's about the fact that the statement was signed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Sergei Martynov and dyarzhsakratrkayu Hillary Clinton. You admit that the U.S. was misled?

Shushkievich: I think that the U.S. is there any other points on it it just does not pay attention, because he knows that we uranium from which to make a nuclear weapon, no. No uranium or plutonium.

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