Siberian cold wave has covered Iraq

Under the influence of the incoming air masses from Siberia unusually cold weather in the northern and central Iraq. The temperature dropped on Sunday night and -5 degrees Celsius, and in the morning did not rise above freezing.

Life in the country, accustomed to the 50-degree heat, but not cold, almost completely paralyzed. Baghdad street — deserted. Disappeared even itinerant traders razvozyaschie on trolleys vegetables and fruits. The intensity of traffic is very low.

Mountain villages in the provinces of Sulaimaniyah and Dohuk, northern Iraq inundated with snow.

In Baghdad, people are preoccupied with finding kerosene, which employs small stoves. They are the only escape from the cold in the house.

"I already ran half Baghdad, and all in vain: no kerosene," — said in an interview with RIA Novosti Abu Samir.

Of course, he says, every home in Baghdad have heaters and air conditioners, but due to the lack of electricity — it is no more than 3-4 hours a day — you can not use them.

"Our houses are built in the calculation of the heat, not the cold — big windows, lots of balconies. No heating in these concrete boxes does not help even warm clothing. Children suffer" — said Samir Ubu.

On the eve of the parents of school age children have asked the Iraqi Ministry of Education to postpone intermediate examinations in schools, the start of which coincided with the onset of cold weather. However, the authorities did not go to meet them, despite the fact that most schools in Baghdad are not heated. In many broken windows, broken doors. Children in grades shiver. Many suffer from colds.

"The school is colder than at home, because the windows are broken in the class. I even pen in hand can not hold, not what the exams," — says the 11-year-old Sarmad, a student of Class 6 of a school in the south of Baghdad.

True, adding the boy at home is also not much better.

"Because of the cold can not bring myself to get under the shower," — he said.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi Met Salman al-Asma said Sunday that the country's cold will last another two weeks.

RIA "Novosti"

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