Siberian mysterious place

Back in the forties of the last century visionary from the U.S. Edgar Cayce predicted flooding of America, Japan, England, which will occur sometime in 2015 as a result of a global cataclysm. The tsunami and earthquake destroyed California, most of England, Holland, Japan and Hawaii. Least affected Russia, and Western Siberia and will do intact.

But will remain intact only a small part of this region, which is in one hundred and fifty miles from the city of Omsk. And that is what will be the new place for the ark of humans, from which to begin our second rebirth, but for a new civilization.

Casey predicted the same as the Indian holy Sikh Baba and Russian thinker and visionary Daniil Andreyev.

Symbols of the "Holy Land" exists in almost all the world's cultures. Maybe it is called differently: Land of Saints, Land of the Immortals, Pure Land, etc.

Old Believers say that in that place, which is expected to become the new ark of the earth — in the village Okunevo in the Omsk region, about a hundred thousand years ago, was located sacred Belovodye — wonderland, where is the highest wisdom that and save mankind.

It was at one time was allegedly Okunevo temple complex, built over three thousand years ago. Even in ancient times for an unknown reason he left the ground.

But the main attraction of this temple is its magic talisman — a crystal in the form of an octahedron is larger than a meter.

"Thinking crystal" as the researchers called it, was taken from the far Sirius and keeps a lot of knowledge from the people living on this planet.

Today it is considered that, being in this church, the crystal was in constant communication with the cosmos, and the information he has, is a lifesaver for humanity, which was stalled in the way of development. This information, as energy, is able to change our way of life and way of thinking.

A few years ago, several clairvoyants, independently of each other, were able to "see" that the underground is only the temple, and the crystal moved to another dimension that we — earth — is not yet available.

Okunevo near the village today, is only the projection of its energy, which for years doing his program, done in the formation of new crystal structures in the material earth plane, so that in the future there materialize.

And this is not fiction. Even the Vatican sanctuary Okunevskaya enrolled among the holy sites of global significance.

That is why only a few decades deaf taiga village in Siberia began to collect tourists from all over the world. His miraculous power has become a legend, and scientists seriously called his Siberian "ark", who must save mankind in future natural disasters.

What is the reason for the enormous popularity of this ordinary village?

Village of about three hundred years. It is based, like the others, peasant settlers, nothing special never was. People on the river Tara lived their ordinary life: went to war, dekulakize rich, creating state and collective farms, took away to the last nail barns, drove moonshine and sending youth to Omsk.

In short, the normal life in the middle of nowhere.

However, from 1991 at Okunevo unexpectedly started a "second birth."

Another life into this forgotten village with four streets, said a student brought some Indian guru — Rasma Roozitis that arrived in these places with a great mission — to find the very temple of Hanuman, lost somewhere in the Siberia. According to Indian legends, a crystal ball, which we have already mentioned, was to save us — humanity. A selection of the guru to Omsk fell just because the name of the selected tune in sound of the sacred syllable "Om", which has enormous power.

There are legends that at the turn of the Tara River residents not once seen a herd of heaven, harnessed to the chariot and hurrying to nowhere. However, these "special effects" then nobody disregarded.

But when the visiting scholars in the sixties told people strange visions, write them on gallograficheskie properties of quartz sand, the chatter died down altogether.

After all, with the advent of the "world fame" has changed and life okunevtsev. The gray village today there was nothing: instead of dilapidated huts and rickety fences flaunt bright manor with drawn gate.

In the spring of 1993 in the center of Omsk in laying heating pipes discovered large necropolis.

After some time, the demolition of buildings on the territory of the former city teploenergotsentrali, builders stumbled upon a mysterious underground passage that led to the same necropolis.

The age of these excavations greatly puzzled the archaeologists he moved the traditional idea of the age of this area for thousands of years into the past.

It seems that these archaeological finds were a continuation of those which have been found in a mountain Okunevo School.

The oldest buildings are found not only in the Omsk region, but also in the Tyumen: in the taiga in the town next to Korpiki Nizhnevatorskom. Moscow researcher of anomalous zones using dowsing found in these ancient places of settlement. A description of how Belovodye wonderland, located in the high mountains, it is very similar to the description of Tibet …

But interestingly, there is a hypothesis that the climate of Siberia from the Urals to the Yenisey in those days was like … subtropical.

But this paradise on earth in Siberia was suddenly destroyed by a global catastrophe. At the edge of the fertile Siberian fallen fragments of a celestial body, which not only erased in an instant from the ground mighty Slav civilization, but also turned to the earth's axis 70 degrees. As a result, the pendulum has swung the climate, in Siberia came cold …

According to ancient tradition in Siberia have some boreal lakes that give people long and healthy life. That's just to find them.

Clairvoyants say that these lakes are born "space", and that they were formed thousands of years ago due to a fall on our Mother Earth from above the huge fragments of the meteorite. Lakes There are five pieces. They are connected by an underground source, and the water is "holy" or "alive" who can cure almost all diseases, much like the "Little Humpbacked Horse". By the way, the word will be said, Ershov lived in these places.

A lake is really magical. They say that during the war they helped not one child cured of tuberculosis and pneumonia, there are instances when they are in the 90's was treated onkobolezni.

Four lakes in these parts call even a schoolboy. This Shaitan Lake, Linevo, Danilov and Urman-lake. But the fifth …

Location fifth lake is not sure anyone, for that matter, and his correct name. Some say that it is called the hidden, some — Black. Everyone is looking for it for himself in order to gain long-lasting life.

The strangest thing of the lakes — Shaitan-Lake — a perfectly round shape. They say that there is "riding the roof," and the water in the lake — dead. But this dead water cures eczema, psoriasis, cirrhosis of the liver, small wounds …

The other three "heavenly" lakes are connected underground river, and water taken from them, does not deteriorate for several years. This water cures, which once again confirms about unknown — Earthlings — the magical properties of these units.

In all of this, and certainly is a Siberian phenomenon that scientists and can not solve.

And here, in this place, everyone is looking for what he wants to find what he needs: business — easy profits, the tourists — a lot of impressions of the stunning nature, ill — treatment, the faithful — peace, ufology — power poles and unidentified objects archaeologists — mounds and mounds, astrologers — a new ark. Surprisingly, most of them due to their enormous faith, seek and find.

However, one thing still can not find nobody. It lost the crystal through which Siberia should save us — the people.

As well as knowledge of the secrets, hidden truths, and known only by our ancient ancestors, the secrets of the past and not only the present but also the future.

And opportunities. Opportunity to save the world in this life and the soul.

To get a chance to survive the impending global catastrophe, during which large numbers of people will die of the planet. Chance to survive, to keep something of the achievements of our doomed to a quick death of technological civilization.

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