Slav and Arius to remember all his life

1. We are all brothers Slavs — Great White Race — Velikoros, Beloros, Maloros one great family.
Help each other. Help each other, even if you hate each other! Buy each other. Buy goods from each other, the peasant and feremera, gardeners, because thus you support their family and their race great — Rhode own.

2. Our strength — in unity.

In unity, we passed through the centuries, we have grown, changed, sought to transform the world, protect the people, to defend the right to life. Unity — a goal and a means to an end. In this sense, this should aspire. Everything else — derivative.

3. Help each other, do not be afraid of being branded as nationalists, do not be afraid of protectionism — is our main tool. Involve people close by blood, but they will provide you the desired biosphere, as they do not betray.

4. Form their national staff. Personnel — is the holy of holies. Cadres decide everything. Shots today — it's our future. Each laboratory, each department, each institution should become a forge our national staff.

5. Prepare young people to take over generations. Let each generation foreigners facing our defense. Every time the scene leaves the older generation, in his shift to get even more powerful cohort prepared in advance and strengthened the young Russian. Necessary as soon as possible to put forward to positions of young people, proving their maturity and genius. Let it not, they ripen on the post, and you care for the older generation, to help them. This is our country and it belongs to us, therefore, the government should be WE! We must give our children more than we have received from the fathers, preserve and increase the decision, give it to turn descendants. In the succession of generations — our strength, our stability, our immortality.

6. Every people — architect of his own happiness. Our business is taking care of the Russian national cadres. If other people think about themselves, why should not we think of ourselves? No need to live a contemplative and hopes to chance. Our task is to take matters into their own hands and do not let any of them in more.

7. Create your groups and these groups push the natives.Remember: all highly paid, influential and lucrative positions — all our national income. Remember, every foreigner, can take place that could have belonged to someone in need of us. We create groups in order to live their own way. Creating their teams bring to each of our philosophy of Russian life, to avoid quarrels and external action. Need to wake up the ability to think deeply, analyze, and make deep generalization. Do not take all the phenomena of surface-specific, and analyze the facts and their sequence context. Need to generalize and abstract. Each case — it's not just a case, and an occasion for analytical work.

8. Need to review and reject the imposed ideology.
The law should not go counter to common sense. The law is to protect us in our state and beyond.

We are told: "Do contrary to the law, and I thank you enough." Our answer: "Made to be the law — it is my duty," (In any case, try to stick with it.)
"To win or die." Our motto: "Win for Life, and life for the sake of victory." What a victory, if there is no life? The bitterness of defeat — to forget, but first analyze, and make every effort and desire to win.
"Less is better", we will strive to: "It is more is more", but only in moderation.
"It is better to be poor, but healthy than rich and sick" will seek to: "Better to be healthy and well off than poor and sick."

9. All they know and are able to foreigners, can and we do. What we know and feel they know and feel no need to. All they have — it is their limit. All that we have created and multiplied our ancestors is our means of creation and development for the future of our children. All that foreigners are today — we will explore and establish us.

10. We are stubborn, we need perseverance to succeed. "Soon the tale told, but than done." "Do somehow, and somehow comes out." All the problems can not be solved at once. Sacrificing for the sake of a small great decisive victory, make sure you will win, so as not to remain with nothing. Small win — win as well!

11. We need to learn how to lead and be able to be led.
Russian people to forget that there is jealousy, must support their brethren, when they are removed from the gray mass. Always be arbiters in disputes between tribesmen and never let an opportunity to foreigners be arbiters of our "family" disputes be objective. When two Russian fight — win foreigner. Do not let the opportunity to play off Russian strangers to each other.

12. Slavic-aria to learn how to set goals.

13. About once said "White Men Can not ask for, considering it a humiliation, and themselves already humiliated and poor." Knowing this, each of us has to help a friend — a friend without having to wait until someone will lie helpless.

14. We are honest, decent, principled people. Once it was a knighthood, and later — a gentleman. Because of the principles of many committed suicide, unable to, perhaps, ashamed to admit their mistakes and publicly admit it. A man who admitted wrong, worthy to be forgiven just because he found a strength in itself to recognize itself as such. And our society should also be able to forgive transgressions brethren.

15. "The possibilities are endless man because he acts according to circumstances"

16. Do not give in to attempts aliens manipulate you cross the line and our moral concepts. Seeing what your view was incredible to do — "Behold the root"

17. Talk to foreigners and act confident, assertive if necessary, aggressively and constructively, and discouragingly stunning.Do not let opportunities zadurit your consciousness. Do not break your head in search of rational ideas grains foreigners better analyze that and what they want to achieve with this idea. Tomorrow they can provide new food for thought, and thus to confuse you.

18. Analyze this passage and did not allow foreigners to make you feel at ease:

"No matter what you say — it is important, as saying. Your self-confidence will be seen as a belief, ambition — as the elevation of the mind, the way to teach and correct — as superior. Twist their brains, bidding up the nerves! Suppress the will of those who object to you. Compromising upstarts and screamers incite feelings of the crowd at the skeptics. In conversations and debates using rhetorical devices that are on the verge of decency. Ask for the name, affiliation, position, and doubting mind. ' This usually shocks and intimidates them and they retire. Demand answers, and getting them, firmly, without analyzing the point: "It is not, it is not so!"
If some wise guy tries to expose you, the rest will not listen to him and condemn, because exposing you, he had caught them in folly, and this crowd is not forgiving.
Create a lot of small, annoying inconveniences that they understood at once. May they always feel your elbow to your side. Slavs this can not long endure. Avoiding scandals, they go away, freeing you to place … Special chic they consider to slam the door and leave. Give them this opportunity! Polite arrogance — that is our motto! "
This is one way to manipulate us, and unfortunately, he worked for a long time.
Knowing the manner of impact on you, the weaknesses in those speakers, press down on them with the same methods and techniques, show these points and others work together. Tactics slamming doors can be used only in the "family", before slam "take a look at the root" of the problem.

19. In attempts to accusations of anti-Semitism, nationalism, tychte finger at prosecutors accuse Russian genocide, humiliation and infringement of our rights in our own country ….. pull out their errors to light, thus disarming them (extreme measure). Move all the charges in the plane of humor, the absurd, (best way), thus relegating the blow of moving the arrow and the "hater of all Russian" ie prosecutor

20. Do not allow to play on our compassionate. All posing as poor and miserable to keep an eye on all sides. The tactics of the "poor Jew" is checked millennia! And, unfortunately, so it works, do not allow yourself to spend.

21. Refracts all the phenomena in the light of our interests, each phenomenon should be considered carefully in terms of harm or benefit, it bears a Russian!

22. Inform each other about everything that can give us harm or benefit. Information — is the holy of holies! Money, people and information — the three pillars of our material well-being!

23. Sacred duty, the duty of every Russian to notify another Russian that the aliens intend to do. You saved me today, but tomorrow it be that I will save you — that's our strength, in mutual aid.

24. Our fathers bequeathed to us in our own country — and we are her own. Our task — to keep everyone in the country is in our hands. Hold in their hands the means of propaganda and media: print, radio, television, movies. Do not let the possibility of aliens penetrate the apparatus of the party and government. Around any questions form the public opinion based on our national interests.

25. Of any trifle can be a problem, but from the problem — nothing. No social process can not ride. If he does not bring us a favor, get down on his brakes, or direct it against our enemies. Any initiative should lead us, to guide him in the right direction.

26. Take all the leaders, strive to be always first! Cultivate character guiding hour, every minute, even in the little things of everyday life. But do not forget about our moral and cultural foundations. Do not let the aliens destroy our secular foundations and traditions, cultural values.

27. In any (non-Slavic) team take power into their own hands and run it to our advantage, if you do not have such an opportunity, try to push any of our in leadership positions. Administrative and creative part of the production process, we have to perform.

28. Creativity as an exception can keep people foreign origin. If you have a job — take only Russian. If you can not do it, liquidate the position. If you can not do either one or the other — take Slavs. After a bit of processing they quickly assimilated, the only difference between us is the language. Which respectively allow us to make direct "family" contacts with the rest of the Slavic world. Use this path.

29. Keep monuments Velikoroskoy, Beloroskoy, Maloroskoy antiques, restore them. Otherwise take years, and they are destroyed. And bullies and "lovers of antiquity" rastaschat them brick by brick. People without history is like a child without parents, and from it you can sculpt anything, attach a strange view of the world, another way of thinking. For us, it means the way from nowhere to nowhere.

30. This method was impersonal whole nations, at first they were deprived of the history and traditions, and then they formed on someone else's image and likeness.

31. Kept under control every step of the powerful and advanced aliens. Do not let them retire and join. Do not allow any in between short and direct connections to the contacts should be with us and through us. This is information that influence. Where two non-Russian, must be at least one Russian.

32. Try not to be influenced by foreigners, ie become manageable.Strategy by which foreigners are treated advanced Slavic-Aryan people:
Involving you in the company, creating a tight circle around you is a foreign environment, deprive you of contacts and acquaintances in addition to them. Forced to marry a non-Aryan (non-Slavic) women, and only then offer you a "green light." Beware!! After all, children will no longer be the great white race, and gray or gray Caucasian biblical "whose would not steer riding, calf will be ours"

33. Next, your salary — their national income. For the children you will lose your "civil rights", senses and mind, in any case, will not be able to adhere to the ideas of the great unity of the White Race. Cohabiting with a woman of another nationality — is one way to involve you in their sphere of influence and their interests (national diaspora).

34. Take a wife beautiful and healthy white race of great women, let them bring us healthy offspring. Bear children 3 — 4 or more, or we will cease to exist after 100 years.

35. Do not take bribes from foreigners, gifts, drink with them.
This is one way to make you compliant and push their interests through you. You want to buy trinkets and a potion to you later, all this gave them to Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

36. Be vigilant, fascism, which killed millions of lives should not be repeated. Extinguish in the bud any attempt to counter our society, destroy antislavyanskie trends early on, in whatever form they occur. We are the masters in our house and in our land.

37. Create, print, distribute, republish the work, to tell and show our culture and our traditions for centuries.Ask yourself why, after 300 years after the decree of Peter I on the transition to the European calendar (1700), all of our dating history is tied to the European, although the events before 1700 must subsidize for Old Slavonic calendar.

38. Be careful if one of your fellow publicly discredit, accused of nationalism, anti-Semitism, attract resources to remove the persecution, and a switch on the perpetrators of the accusers ("Behold the root"). Use all available methods and techniques. While we are alone, we do not withstand the onslaught of rabid. Let them a thousand times right in their trifles — yet they are guilty.

39. If you are intractable with foreigners, then you can conduct against the following companies:

Will spread rumors incriminating against you, build you a dubious reputation. Deprive links and contacts, deprived of opportunities to work effectively, to question the appropriateness of the work you do and the position, isolate, incite the crowd against you, deny the influential positions in society, to provoke conflict. Humiliated, ignored, hurt injustice of rewards and punishments, and when you protest — accused of disobedience, in insubordination, peevish and quarrelsomeness. To appeal to the public and the administration, in the worst cases, you drag police court.
If it is older people, it was accused of violating the principles of respect for the elders, if peers — nationalism.
Try to bring your behavior under political platform to write denunciations and anonymous, accused of anti-social behavior and economic sabotage.
Encourage you to speak against the government, and that the most interesting move / liquidated by the government
The effectiveness of these techniques is tested by many generations. So do all the so-called "exploiters", prompted by the need to keep people in line. The main thing — to blame. Force you to make excuses. The one who is justified — is half to blame!
And so far the only valid weapon against such terror is our unity and help the members of the "family"

40. The country should be our order, based on thousands of years of experience of our ancestors.

41. The slogans of Christian charity, humility and self-denial is a good thing, but there are a measure. Stay in the heart hard, be irreconcilable to our enemies. If you forgive them little hurt today, tomorrow they will pay you more. Do not get used to the insults themselves and discourage other hunting fix it to us.

42. The onslaught of foreigners to hold back strongly and quickly, always placing them with a fait accompli. Then let them lead long, fruitless discussions, against our methods have no weapons. We need to always be in 3,5,10 steps ahead of them to be able to predict, model, and fight against them.

43. Never take loans and money borrowed from foreigners, because it is the simplest way to take possession of us.

Giving money in debt, do not take a "brother" percent. When someone needs a house, apartment, help kinsman purchase, using all possible means.

44. We travel the world and learn, in order to bring home the most advanced ideas in our Russia.

45. Living outside of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, always seek to help "their" living in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, to invest the available funds in the education of their children, the children of relatives, children, "family", and always seek to return home.

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