Slavic Gymnastics: Basic Concepts

Slavic gymnastics — it energogarmoniziruyuschaya healing system psychophysical exercises.
Slavic gymnastics is preventive, curative and wellness section of the Slavic martial practices and is rooted in antiquity.
Healing system Slavic gymnastics helps solve problems of self-improvement, as it is a must for self-realization, samozakalivanie and harmonization of all human activity. Contents Slavic gymnastics versatile: it is physical exercise, breathing techniques, and psychotherapy, as well as a special process of conscious efforts to develop and strengthen the body and psyche.

The object of the Slavic gymnastics acts proper human body, focusing on the state of which can be achieved by conscious self-regulation of physical and mental activity to correct the violations.
Practices similar Slavic gymnastics, there are many people. The most popular are the Chinese Qigong and Indian hatha yoga, is a very effective system of healing. In the arsenal of classic physical therapy also has accumulated considerable experience in the treatment and prevention of many diseases. The question arises: what is the difference between the Slavic gymnastics and other systems improvement? Is there any advantages to the Slavic gymnastics over similar systems? Yes, there is: the difference and advantages.
In Slavic and Oriental gymnastics health systems have much in common. But it is well known that between Europeans and Asians, there are significant differences both on anthropometric characteristics, and by thinking. Because of their nature, the Chinese system of Qigong is not well suited for the Europeans. Slavic gymnastics as established by the Slavs, and therefore it is relevant and effective for people of European race. For this reason, we are Slavic gymnastics has significant advantages over qigong and other health systems of the East.
Slavic system of gymnastics technically simple and accessible. Not required to practice the initial physical fitness. Engaged at any age, at any state of health. Contraindications for Slavic gymnastics not.

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