Slavic world view

Slavic world viewPocono centuries of our ancestors saw the world as an integral part of the World of God and as an integral part of. This is recognized in respect of the Slavs to the plant and animal life, which has always been native to the Slavs. Why is your family?
And I will explain why. In principle, that would understand what we are here now recorded in 2 sentences can be read 3-volume book "Poetic views on the nature of the Slavs" Afanasyev, but you can still, without even reading it, think about it, as our ancestors, say : Birch sister, sister or foxy fox Patrikeevna, Bear — Michael Potapovich. Ie respectfully, by name and patronymic, Cote Kotafeevich, Pike mother.

The idea seems to be the world of living creatures, the pike. Why is my mother? And due to the Rozhanoy, a prototype that has been sketched that eating pike erysipelas became pregnant and later gave birth to the gods, the same thing done and Lada tried the pike. Ie You can certainly understand, that there are many pike phosphorus, trace mineral that grace period work in conception but it's going to just chemistry, but here is the imagery.

Ie an essential part of himself, that is, think about it, the comparison among the Slavs always went with the natural world. As compared to that faster than the wind? Human thought. But compared to the same two similar images. Or "grass ant as maternal affection", ie affectionate, gentle or silk. Or even remember the film "Alexander Nevsky" — each stone, when Vasily Buslaev says the lake of waste, to his side there beysya. Because each stone — brother, every blade of grass — sister. Ie All Native — Native Land helps mother nature.
And the view of the world was the same all around us, it is like us, but akin to, not in the sense as they say, in terms of intelligence, no, not that, that is Divine, that is, Peace of God manifested in this life, so everything is interrelated.

So my grandmother and went to the Moon Forests, meadows, zagoron respectfully take different herbs, flowers that are then prepared medicinal infusions, or pick mushrooms and berries. And then it all in Tales — Images outgrown. Mushroom — old man in Borovichok tale helps.
Therefore, the approach to the world was quite different, because think about it, our ancestors have always said, "The soul is the stone and the tree," and once they have a soul, it means to them to be and the treatment — appropriate, as to having a soul. Everything has a soul should not gubitsya vain. And this took place. How so? If you care about the environment, about the nature of meaning, the world of nature will take care of you, you're with the good — to you with good. It is clear, right?

But, mind you, our ancestors did not go to nature, to subdue it, and to subordinate others. They tried to notice, to observe life in the wild. Because everything that happens in the life of nature is the most harmonious, and this is all reflected in the popular saying: "Labour Aki bee" or "together, created a herd like ants in an anthill." Why compare? "Look at the order of the wolf" — is an old expression, ie now, even given a different meaning of the expression: "What do you look like a wolf?" — Expectantly, thoroughly, carefully. Wolf what? He notices that there are no sick animals, not for nothing that it is called the orderly nature, he cleaned, cleaned.

And all this is being implemented. All that gave nature, man has used for? For development on the land. And that he passed on from generation to generation.
Well, let's note, where the wild bees create honey? They created in the hollows ('s hollow and there honey bee suit, but 1) the hollow chose not to fill, not blew, 2) next to a tree with a hollow always was anthill, why? And that did not spoil any larvae tree. People have started to do that? Some nests were transferred to the hill on the legs to put the hollow words, hives with a little hollow. From whom they adopted? From nature.

See, for example, that in the oxbows, ie in the old channels and tributaries for spawning fish comes, they set partitions, ie fish spawn, left, people put walls — and lure creek. Ie water passed through it, flowing, but that would be like a fish to ensure they also make indentations in these small streams have seen where the fish settles made creek. Or where the river flowed, they were doing well in advance, there was added and the grass and mud, and bring on spring river overflows, fills, and then the fish lay there, or did the ducts into the pit, and what they did? Developed fish, as they are now fattening fish farms. And then in the winter — under ice revealed in the so-called pits — the fish do well either in the river, but there it is fast, if for large, the pit was filled. But this is also adopt. And always look to see if the frost and strong peremerzla river, they knew that if the ice is a big, fat, the fish suffocate and die, so they were digging the hole — squares. It got to the point that fish jumped out herself. B if you take as much as in the state had to eat the most. Because they know there will always be fresh, and the rest released. Such as now, pull the sturgeon, and then throw it away, just because of the calves of the sabotage was not.

Next, the trees that once broke wind they noticed that some animals, for example, protein-tree broke, broke off, and there remain many gaps, there nuts and protein folds, and more. On the one hand secluded in slits scores, and on the other the sun is shining. What started doing our ancestors? Put on such pillars area that covered the roof, and to receive these pnyah so-called hut on chicken legs. And it has used hunters to trophies, keep things together. On the one hand, even if a bear or more who want to climb up, he will not be able to reach out to the edges to get there, but here as it rests against the ceiling. But our case or retractable rope ladder or hatch, which was closed. And sleep was possible.

Or noticed that in some bushes near the water is visible mosquitoes. And what did they do? They cut these branches, dried and say, were collected in the summer about what that berry swamps where mosquitoes are many, they light these twigs, envelop with smoke itself and the mosquitoes to them just flew. That's the smell, any specific mosquitoes, gnats, flies drove away.

But, mind you, this is the relationship took place not only in the field of observation, it was assumed that the relationship is always present, so that when the boy was born next to the house planted cedar or oak tree, or even what the sacred tree. If a girl is born — sat birch. People watched and saw that the child joyful bloom, let a girl grows and birch, the boy is doing well and fine oak tree grows. But if, say, the girl has grown up, married her off, and go and see the parents — birch drooped. What did they do? They were going and went there and saw that their daughter was unwell. Or the same thing happened to the young oaks. Oak or wilted, branches down, so son there on the cross, or injured, and if you have already started to dry, and he could die. Ie communication link between the child and the tree remained.

Now, only the echoes of the relationship between humans and trees survived. I am not talking about the Druids, the priests of the forest. The fact that, say, the man is now trying to return to the private sector in the chopped wood houses of stone tombs — this is one of the manifestations. Second — enough people to go to the sauna where the temperature just hot, they have to go to the bath, which would warm up a broom. And there broom or birch, linden, oak, juniper — flavors. Ie used for? And this is a person's payment of what he is not natural forces, which his ancestors got off the ground.

Yes, they were far away from the forest, the so-called prairie settlement, or there next to the coast, where the wood nearby. And people not only in the modern world, but in the old days he? He rode into the forest on horseback or on foot. For what? Yes, for many the joy was like, talk to the wood. Not as it is now — come to drink, namusorit, start a fire and leave. It is communion with nature — that's not enough. Mind you, it's all left, "Now you have become like an oak?" Or "What do you gneshsya as aspen, willow like?" Or "fluff as willow." Chock already cut tree — "Dumb as chock" — that's it: compare all the same with wood. And why not? Or they say, "But this is filled nightingale" ie with birds, or someone you look, "Well Eagle," and this: "Well, Falcon," or "What do you flew like a kite," "Knocks like a woodpecker."

After all, people still say, "eagle-eye" or "aquiline profile person" comparing, "and this bear walk", "and this is stolen as lynx," "and this frowned," and about whom — they say, "well, you do stupid sheep "or" looked like a sheep at a new gate "- he simply does not distinguish between new and old.
Here it is — a match, so our ancestors not only the prototype could show natural, and many can and understand the nature.

Not in vain, to feel Stribozhyu power — wind, remember the little running out, the wind got up, what? Sigh. Or lying on the river, the boat Oh, wave! ran all the wave. And why not? And because the powerful flow of energy that enveloped. Or now people: Oh, the rain! and begin to hide. We have the opposite, as the rain — all in shorts running through puddles in the rain. Completely different attitude was to the world. And the sun was seen tenderly. After all, mind you, saying, This day the sun frowns, gentle sun, the sun is warm. Attitude to it was like a living being, and the man who's so true to the sun, you could say he had a relationship with the sun itself, and from him that soul is revealed, which did not get more. Someone took: Well, there is rolling ball of fire, light and everything. But someone got the strength and more. So look the other was committed, he was perceived differently.

Every phenomenon in nature and creation of a soul, whether it is wind, rain, lightning, rock, plant, or animal. And as the soul is controllable Spirit, Soul, and many natural phenomena, as well as the souls of animals and plants are subject Vyšna Spirits. As a rule, the Spirit of the Office Manager or belongs to the Gods.

But mind you, I'm not in vain said: "As a rule," and if "as a rule" — meaning, it implies that there are exceptions. But the exception — they are the spirits of the World Navi. The exceptions are the spirits of the World Navi, which are also trying to influence the weather elements and phenomena on plant and animal worlds. Only in man the spirit is inside, not outside it, and it controls my heart, but at the same time he is under the Office of the upward call, which we call conscience.

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