Slavic writing is the oldest in the world

Day of Slavic Writing itself is missing: what is celebrated on May 24 to consider properly the death of Slavonic Literature Day.
In all Slavic countries celebrate the so-called Day of Slavic Writing and Culture, praising Byzantine monks Cyril and Methodius, who allegedly belong laurels creators of the Slavic alphabet. Come say next overseas educators to "unreasonable and wild Slavs" and bestowed upon them in writing.

In fact, in Russia, there were many native scripts. And Cyril and Methodius is not something that does not create, but rather, successfully conducted a special operation to the impoverishment and simplification of the Russian language, depriving the Old Slavic alphabet nine key images of Russian drop caps. The purpose of this diversion (otherwise you will not tell) was to provide a translation for Slavic Bible, the name of which, subsequently, came sweep all forms of original Slavic culture.

Thus, it is more logical to call this day — Destruction Day of Slavic Writing and Culture. It is much more in line with nature. Now think about who and what gives us (Smith, not their roots) celebrate on the day (?)

Shamefully, the Russian people day (May 24) when he took away his real language and literature celebrating for many years. We were able to instill that to Cyril and Methodius among the Slavs was no letter. And, it is so far no one has really informed opinion has long turned into an indisputable dogma. Numerous evidence to the contrary shall not be considered as it is not consistent with the generally accepted view of the alleged ideological backwardness of Slavic compared to other nations. Of course, all this is politics, not science.

Meanwhile, there is evidence, according to which Slavic language existed based on 4 main and 2 ancillary literature: da'Ariyskie Tragi (Figurative symbols that combined the complex three-dimensional marks, transmitting values multidimensional and diverse Rune) h'Ariyskaya Karuna ( Union of 256 Runes priestly writing) Rasenskie Molvitsy (Image-mirror writing) Images of Holy Russia (Drop Cap), Glagolitic (commercial email), Traits and Reza (national writing). Now compare this variety and depth perception of the world — what we "made happy" foreigners Cyril and Methodius. (!)

Moreover, Cyril himself, in his time, wrote that before the creation of his "alphabet" he saw among the Slavs of the Gospel and the Book of Psalms, "the Russian written Scriptures." Then, what created the Cyril and Methodius? In fact, these foreign monks have not created the Slavic alphabet as such, but a religious alphabet for the Christian church in our own Slavic lands. The monks have existed since ancient times as a basis for the Slavs "drop cap" consisting of 49 letters, she was thrown out of 5 letters, 4 more Greek letters given (or Jewish) name and began to translate the Christian liturgical books from Greek into a dead language invented by them, which is popularly never caught on.

Of native Slavic Literature director Sergei Strizhak says:

"Words in Russia is composed of the runes and drop caps image and is an abbreviation with multidimensional meaning of the universe. Therefore, the Russian language is formative, just as the chemical elements of the periodic table, combined, generate a new substance.

For example, let's restore the conceptual meaning of the phrase "life."

"O-b-b-r-az" — an abbreviation, drop caps, and consists of:
On, Bog, Er, Rtsy, Az,
Adding the meaning of each letters, we get:
He is God perpetrated by Recom Asom.

Where Az — a man and Rtsy — speech, utterance. The second letters of ancient Slavic alphabets have some basic values such as — Buki (book), God, Gods.

What a beautiful result!

The word "Zhi-e-n-b" is also an abbreviation:
Zhivot Land Nash Eph
It means:
Belly of our country, created above.

Combining the words "image" and "life", we get the result:
God and Asom perpetrated by one of the faces of the living.
Or: Being in one of the properties.
A "live" — a unit of life, or our true Ya Wrong to say — my soul, I am the Soul.

The word "soul" is also clear in Russian, this is also an abbreviation:
A Ushakov
Welcome originally sent multiplied Asom.

Now consider the image of "God":
Verbs Sotvoryasha God.
Showing thoughts through words.

The word "duty" means:
Welcome signified People Verbs Sotvoryasha (transmit).

As is known from the ABC, people — this is Az, one has to multiply the good will initially sent, that is, work to nurture the soul and spirit soar.

The meaning of "Self":
With EB I
There behold God image.
That is, a descendant of the gods.

Now the divine image of the Old Slavonic word "love":
N. Bogolyubov in the b
People of God is responsible.

Let us now examine the image of Genus:
R o d b
He spake Welcome create.

One of the 49 images of letters P — Rtsy — is This — utters — talk and connect the earthly and the heavenly.

This connection is instant information exchange between explicit and spiritual worlds through words. Word — is the material delivered idea.

And God — is someone who consistently imparts knowledge and traditions of its kind in the creation, and it supports an infinite universe — which is perfection.

Those who distort the perfection and hurts him — is doomed to loss of consciousness and genetic mutation, for ignorance is evil. So damped resonances between earth and heaven, and so violates the principle of matching similarities, but in Russian it can be expressed very simply: What goes around, comes around.

Our current state of the divine is not named, but the will of the ancient Russians always have the choice to work for foreign or cooperate with friends in spirit and blood friends and family.

Although we have already used to the foreign way of life, but it's time to remember his true likeness, and her roots.

And now, you may find yourself and find out the meaning of each of the Russian word. Simply break up the word in the letters and substitute them as such from the ancient Slavic Az Buki.

This is the real co-creation that leads you to the Joint Vedanyu Being that nurture and fill eternal duschu awareness, meaning and happiness all your life. "

It should be added that the subsequent reform of the Russian language in 1917 Lunacharsky even more cut off Russian. Lunacharsky not only reduced the alphabet again and replaced all the images of letters into phonemes. The ABC has disappeared and replaced the alphabet. Az Buki Lead Glagol Welcome — this is not a-BE-ve-ge-ta. What does it mean to break centuries reconstituted Lad in Morse?

It means to break the logic of making the words in the Slavic culture of thinking.

That is sacred, and to distort the national foundation of the people.

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