Slavlenie our gods and ancestors

Relatives in my glory, ancestors and forefathers —
The roots of the tree of descent, the butt, the barrel so the branches!
I bud on our Tree, after cold winter
Moisture knowledge engorged by spring rains.
Mother Earth gives Crude for growth effect
My every zhivatmu Yarylo illuminate.

Bozhychi in Svarga Blessed! Come on Midgard,
Forest Tree of labor from enemies rescue!
Gray creature attacked — cut, burn oaks
Rob Earth, its resources, they had no council.
A cloud of locusts crown serfs greedily gnawing.
Disperse the whole pack of the universe might be able to.

You are my gods and ancestors! Rumor slavlene you,
I want to catch on your Light Forces Movement.
I have the energy is directed into the channel of creation,
Those streams that flow into the ocean cognition.

Spirit, soul and my conscience is strengthened by faith,
Get rid of that nature merzoty gray.
Cleansing winds will blow the dust of oblivion
Since ancient Vedas — then the era of the Renaissance!

I praise the gods and ancestors you! I thank you sincerely!

Recorded from their ancestral memory Gregory Shingarev

Clarifications to the text (taken from different authors):
Praise — means slavlivat energy, grace gods and ancestors. Molvennik used at festivals and public acts. Quoth the words together, slavlivali energy outstretched hand up from the heart — the glory. As a result, the Spirit grows stronger with common thoughts. The Slavs did not have the prayers, they celebrated, not praying;
Praise — Bright Nav, lower level of the Divine Celestial, home to the spirits of our ancestors.
Zhivatma — "I" of every living creature: an elementary particle, atom, molecule, mineral, plant, animal, human. Living, individual, indivisible, self-luminous particle God, equal in quality to him, but not for power. Zhivatmu does not destroy, nor fire, nor water, nor radiation, it will never die, even when the body dies, it is beyond time and space. Zhivatma so spiritual, not material. Zhivatma that has the most experience of any evolutionary zhivatm some body becomes dominant in the body and is called Live. Man consists of a colossal amount zhivatm, "managed" Alive.
Yarylo — nazvnie our Sun (Jarilo-Sun);
Svarga Pure — the worlds living gods space. Swa (Heaven), Pa (Radiance), Ga (path) — Shining Sky Way;
Midgard — the name of our Earth (Midgard-Earth);
Serf — man on the first stage of its evolution in the human kingdom. He only wants food, rest, copulation, rest and entertainment;
Veda — knowledge which emanated directly from God and to people through the Roda. Written in the light of the Scriptures — the Vedas. Is a set of rules and guidance for the successful development, contains answers to all questions related to spiritual perfection;
Spirit — something that is beyond time and space, no? Braznoe manifestation of God;
Soul — Dive (devakonicheskoe) body. It has the shape of a human body and size from two to several hundred meters. Cultivated moral victories here, "heartless man" — without morals, who loses his or her creatures sold; "turnback" — has little moral victories, "generous man" — who knows how to manage their feelings and to transfer his consciousness into the body of Dive.
Conscience — Joint News. Relationship between a person with a single information space of the universe.

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