Smart House, which itself generates electricity, shown in Tokyo

"Smart" home (home energy management system — Home Energy Management System, HEMS) is shown in the opened Wednesday in Tokyo exhibition Nano tech 2013.

"Energy management system — the brain of the house. It analyzes data on the development of solar energy, sends it to the battery or electric runs. At night the house battery system adds to" purchase "electricity from the network during the day — from home solar panels," — told RIA Novosti consultant stand of the Ministry of Economy and Industry of Japan Tomoko Okada.

Morning and evening, when demand rises sharply, HEMS manages appliances — heats water, includes air conditioning or heating in the optimal range for temperature and humidity. In the near future, the system will be able to count itself which unit will require more power, depending on the weather, and tell you where its use would be the most economical.

Energy management system presented at the stand of the Ministry of Industry and Economics chance — the state is ready to make up for one third ($ 1,000), the cost of its purchase and installation.

Do a home energy management, there are numerous "sister": it's management and energoobesecheniya office buildings (Building Energy Management System, BEMS), shops and shopping centers (Store Energy Management System, SEMS) and factories and industrial areas (Factory Energy Management System, FEMS).

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