So many stupid things on television, especially the leader of our country

Who Society of presidential candidates is best remembered you by television and radio? Why? Such questions are answered residents of Grodno.

Elderly man: "I watched seven people thronged to Lukashenko, on the regime. Romanchuk so it's not a piece of paper saying Nekljaev also said okay, okay, okay so. Rymashevski — not much was falling too, well, everything."

Man: "I only watched Sannikov, very bold, and says a lot of interesting things. I would have voted for Sannikov."

"To be honest, no one remembered this and much not interested."

Woman: "Several candidates: it Sannikov, then remembered Rymashevski very, Romanchuk, a young economist, well Tereshchenko. Intelligence — first of all, so many stupid things on television, especially the leader of our country is finally smart, intelligent, educated people in their fields with a specific particular program, that's all, not just words-fork on the water … "

Man: "No, I am interested, but for me one president — Lukashenko, I always like his politics, I'm on the other somehow do not pay attention, I'm not interested."

Young people:
"Someone who is a former deputy foreign minister, as his name — Savchenko? Sannikov. And second, that the poet-pesennik, Nekljaev, so here I Nekljaev liked. It is just like Lukashenko, broke up some crap, but so beautiful, and I am, in the European Union would like to live. "

His friend: "I would also like to Nekljaev that he is a poet, an intellectual and will not say -" I gave tsibe million, I said … "

Young man with a baby:
"I watched almost all the speeches of the candidates for president. Impressed me most appearances Andrei Sannikov and Vladimir Neklyaeva. We watched as a family, my parents, too, retired. Seen that people are ready to be president: the character, ideas, charisma, you could say. I I tend rather to Andrei Sannikov, hope to win. Rather, I hope that they will agree with each other — who will be the first to the second. So good luck and I hope that in the New year we will with the new president. "

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