Speeches of the candidates? Interestingly, as the election result is already known

Mr."Occasionally. Positive side, now get to hear people objective information on the candidates. Specifically, I saw a performance Kastusiou. In the case of all, in fact, everything objectively. He knows our life difficult in the details."

WithMake a gift: "I'm not interested, because I know that the outcome of the election is known. Deserve enemy president is not there. Here, for example, the poet Nekljaev. Suppose he wrote poetry, and he wants to be president. And what are the achievements in the field of governance, economy — I do not know. "

Mr."We watch. Watched the performance of all the candidates. Greatest experiences — from Statkevich and Sannikov. Not from the paper read, looking forward. Truth tell the truth."

Mr."A very short time to perform. They rush. This lubricates the experience. Impossible to scare people. After a long silence instantly upload all — it's difficult to read. Humans need to cook. Electorate — a fragile thing."

Mr. elderly: "While the brightest of such candidates I saw. While I tend to Neklyaeva. Watching this man seriously interested that Belarus will change something."

Mr. elderly: "I look. Pretty Woman. Said is true, but then the plumber said the right thing. Since the revolution took place. Now we need to slow to defend their views. Though the river starts from the creek."

Man: "I heard one — Michalevic. Thing you he explained. But as far as this man meets this high office? This is a responsible job. Can he accomplish what he wanted to — I can not say."

Mr. elderly"Go ahead. Just where they grab so much dirt? Hosed Lukashenko. Ablayvayuts him — which he is a dictator. Opposition — she offered to help Lukashenko?"

Mr."Not really listening. I decided with their candidate. G. Alexander."

Mr."I look. Here's your last spoke. From BNF. Lightly He kept saying. Spoke most about the flag and the country out of crisis. Conclusions I have not done, but it seems to me that there are no worthy candidates."

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