Spring is coming to Moscow just a week

Tough weekend in weather terms behind. Heavy snow and squally wind felled trees, and the atmospheric pressure in the capital set a record century — has fallen to a value of 713 millimeters of mercury, and is now beginning to grow sharply. Why spring and left when she returns? This was in the air "Morning of Russia" said a leading specialist of the weather PHOBOS Elena Volosyuk.
According to weather forecaster in a cold bag residents of the central regions will remain for another week. "The cold, cover the European part of the country, dramatically lowered temperature everywhere, covered with snow. But spring had gone far", — assured Elena Volosyuk.
In the best position in the European part of the country, she said, were residents of the north-western regions. Here, clouds and precipitation is much smaller and daytime heating of the air is better than in other regions. By the end of the week on the banks of the Neva air will warm up to plus 11.6 degrees, and in Kaliningrad — to plus 8-13.
In the center of the country Monday and Tuesday — still damp and dank days. Here plus 6.1 degrees, rain and snow. In the middle of the week expected a slight warming — plus up to 4-9, but on Friday it is likely that precipitation will grow again and become a couple of degrees cooler.
Where is warmer in the Krasnodar region today and tomorrow there plus 7-12 degrees, and by the end of the week is expected to increase the temperature of 10-15 Celsius. On the banks of the Volga weather will develop in a different scenario: the cold air is hold out until the middle of the week, the temperature does not exceed 8.3 degrees. But starting Wednesday will come here very warm air from Central Asia. And in the middle Volga temperature rises to 12-17 degrees Celsius, and in the lower reaches of the river — to plus 15-20.
Ural most of the week will be at the mercy of the frontal zone and a rare day here will do without rain. But if in the early days of the week are still plus 8-13, it is closer to the output temperature will rise to 13-18 degrees.
In Siberia to permeate spring: the south of the region in the coming week will be the warmest place on the map of Russia. However, during the second half of the week from the northeast cold air will flow from Yakutia, and in the south of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and on the shores of Lake Baikal to rain. Here, the temperature will drop to 8-13 degrees Celsius, but the south-west region will remain at the mercy of heat, plus there will be 15-20 degrees.
Far East is in the grip of cyclonic vortices. In the north, they take crude chilly weather with wet snow and temperatures of minus 2 to plus 3 degrees. On the banks of the Amur River in the early weeks, plus another 2-7 degrees, but by the end of the week will warm up to 7-12. In Primorye, and even higher: it 8-13 degrees above zero, and in continental areas — to plus 15-18.


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