Start Russian heavy duty laser system announced for 2020

World's most powerful laser system are planning to launch in 2020 in Sarov Technopark, said general designer for laser systems All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics — Federal Nuclear Center of the Russian Sergei Garanin.

According to him, installation UFL-2m will have 192 laser channel, covering an area "about the size of two football fields, and in the highest point reach the size of a 10-storey building."

"At this unique equipment will be carried out fundamental research of high-temperature dense plasma, while it will be center sharing, which will be able to work not only Russian, and zabugornye scientists "- said Garanin.

Laser installation will be placed in the terrain park "Sarov", which is located near the closed nuclear town and the Federal Nuclear Center. "In real time, designed special" clean "room where the laser equipment will be installed," — said Garanin.

The developer of the system control is Nizhny Novgorod company NIIIS im.Sedakova.

In addition, to create a state of Sarov Technopark center laser systems and technologies. In the first quarter of the design work will be completed by the creation of the center, where in addition to basic research is planned to create seasoned standards of products and produce them in a batch creation.

As said, Garanin, there will be 360 sverhtehnologichny created jobs for young scientists. The first production laser center — unique laser diodes — expect to receive by the end of 2014.

Recall that in April last year, research manager of Russian Federal Nuclear Center of the State Corporation "Rosatom" Radium Ilkaev announced that the terrain park "Sarov" will be built powerful laser installation for fusion.

Preparatory construction costs amounted to 45 billion rubles (1.16 billion euros).

In designing the installation 10s are participating research institutes of.

It was assumed that the construction of the laser system will be made in the closed nuclear town of Sarov (Arzamas-16, the last), but, as noted Ilkaev, it is better to do things outside of the closed areas to provide access to her everyday scientists, including foreign ones. The location of the installation was the park "Sarov" near the town of nuclear scientists.

The length of the laser complex is 360 m, and height — of more than 30 m, the thickness of the device is 2.8 megajoules. In the development of the complex will be used only Russian technology, with all this, the laser power is higher than that of a similar plant being built by international forces in France (about 2 megajoules).

Laser will be used for nuclear fusion, laser beams converge at a certain point, where it will create a plasma.

Over the past 40 years in Sarov created to establish a base of massive lasers. This trend has become one of the core made for the 2004 Sarov Technopark. In his area of 60 hectares have already deployed sverhtehnologichny production above 30 resident companies.

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