Statkevich: Get off the roof, do not spoil shingle

November 30 a second time on the air of the Belarusian TV were the presidential candidates Dmitry Uss and Statkevich. Mr. Moustache was still succinctly — kept within 6 minutes. Statkevich said sharply as he put it, not in his usual manner.

The first speaker Dmitry Uss. He told how he entered political life as he worked with George Tarazevich he became in 1999 member of the Minsk City Council, as then clashed with the housing and communal services and the executive. The authorities did not like that there was a deputy who controls it. Said Mr. Moustache and their serious health problems, the mysterious death of his wife. But it is — just the beginning, as the presidential candidate said. But, in the words of Mr. Moustache, and berries:

"I'm in the legislative and executive powers many friends. Already there is a setting for Minsk to turnout 70%, and 80% must for Lukashenko. "

Already there is a setting for Minsk to turnout 70%, and 80% should be for Lukashenko.

At the end of his 6 min speech, Mr. Moustache reiterated its amendment to the electoral law, which directs the head of state, and for which signed 7 more candidates for the presidency:

"Every candidate has the right to send representatives to election commissions with the right counting of ballots and the right to sign the protocols. If it is not, the elections will not be democratic. "

The second speaker Statkevich. He told me that he has a good program on that what to do, to upgrade and save the economy. But at the time the candidate was not enough, so he warned those who are interested: The program on Wednesday will be published in "Sovetskaya Belorussia" and "Minsk Courier." On the air, explained the iPad for, it will be say, what is happening in the country. Also spoke about the recent actions on October Square:

"Probably many have seen information about it on BT have heard that it was 150. But I want to show you a photo. This is a 150? Thousands and thousands of people.

See what happens? Belarusian TV simply used the power to deceive you. You do not know about the situation in krairne. We did not even sunglasses black — this screen you obscure the information that is happening in the country. "

Said Nikolai Statkevich and officials whose most expensive cars, houses, corruption and bribery, embezzlement of state subsidies. Stressed that the uncontrolled plunder the country officials, and the head of the state enables them to steal. Moreover, Mr. Statkevich never gave the name of the head, using the pronoun "he."

The candidate also touched upon the problems of Chernobyl, paid medicine, government loans that are growing every month. I remembered how many times he was arrested, as worked for 3 years for "chemistry" as in Belarus wrongfully convicted.

Statkevich recalled Victor Shalkevich song called "Boorish power," saying, "Get off the roof, do not spoil a shingle." He urged people to remain worthy, save decency not to yield.

During the half-hour fiery speech Ph.D. thesis is repeated several times:

The country needs a new president. The timing of this is over.

"The country needs a new president. The timing of this is over. But he does not want to leave. December 19, appointed another falsification. "

At the end of the speech Statkevich asked myself the question: "Why do I participate?" And answering him, explained the audience to not be surprised that the candidate is speaking in that manner, as "he" speaks to us. Again Statkevich not call the name of the current leader of the country, which meant a pronoun used:

"I know you now see and hear me. I participate in your illusion that you finally closed the theater "Illusion" and stopped to show their hocus-pocus with the ballots. Spend the elections fairly. It only depends on you, not on these clowns type and the type of the Central Executive Committee of the Parliament. "

Next Statkevich even gave guarantees to the current head of state: "Winning is fair — and we recognize you the president of the Republic of Belarus, and not an impostor. Lose — get a decent pension. But on one condition:

"But, of course, if there is no evidence that it was you gave the command to kidnap, torture and kill your former friends Zakharenko and Gonchar. Killed, their mother and the children also have a right to justice. Or maybe because you and for power so chaplyaessya you because of this attitude. It is true that stole it. Give us the election! "

Statkevich joked that the elections are scheduled for December 19, the day of St. Nicholas, and he alone among the candidates, and Nicholas therefore invites voters to Area 19 in the evening and even on his birthday.


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