Storm warning announced by rain in the Kuriles

Heavy cyclone on Tuesday will come to the southern and central Kuril Islands, the region declared a storm warning, the Press Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Sakhalin region.

According to forecasters, night and morning of August 14 in the Kuril and South Kuril areas expected to be very heavy rain (50 millimeters or more).

"EMERCOM Russia's Sakhalin region warned that there could be disruptions to transportation and other facilities of the economy. Residents of areas should be restricted from traveling outside settlements for the duration of warning," — said in a statement.

Strength and the means necessary to eliminate possible effects of the cyclone, are ready to respond. The situation relating to the passage of the cyclone, is controlled by the duty shift of the Center for Crisis Management (CMC) MES of Russia in the Sakhalin region. In the administration of these areas are directed emergency alert in response to the recommendations, said the regional emergencies department.

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