Storm warning announced in the Belgorod region due to rains

Belgorod MOE warned of possible emergency situations because of the strong wind, rain and thunderstorms are expected in the region in the coming days.

"In connection with the storm from the south on the night of 13 to August 14 and August 14 in the afternoon in the Belgorod region is expected set of adverse weather phenomena, sometimes heavy rain and showers, thunderstorms. If thunderstorms are expected in places strong winds of up to 20 meters per second," — reports EMERCOM in the region.

In this regard, in the field declared a storm warning.

Currently, in the Belgorod region after prolonged heat wave, in which the temperature reaches 35-37 degrees, there is a cold snap. On Monday, the rain and the temperature dropped to 18-20 degrees.

Due to deteriorating weather conditions increases the likelihood of emergencies related to the operation of vital facilities, transmission lines and cliff lines, collapse slightly fortified structures and billboards.

EMERCOM Russia's Belgorod region appeals to residents and visitors of the region to be cautious and careful to follow the rules of behavior in high winds. During a thunderstorm, the rescuers are advised to avoid open spaces. It is dangerous to be on higher ground, near metal structures, hide under trees and standing alone under the eaves.

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