Suburban Home — reality

Construction wood houses in Russia — this is a long-standing tradition. Our home has always been famous for its vast dense forests, because flaws in the material were not. Wood house lured own ruggedness and reliability under construction in terrible weather criteria. Now Construction of cottages received wide distribution. For the modern city dweller his suburban house built from environmentally unblemished material, it is a break from the hustle and bustle of the town resounding, receive a portion of the freshest air in the lap of nature.
But requests indulged civilization citizen high. Wooden houses are required to have an excellent aesthetic appearance, with all this to be reliable in operation and are durable. With all this house has to be comfortable and equipped inside to harmonize with modern technology. Modern technologies allow, taking into account the wishes of the customer, to build houses, designed for a comfortable stay. Modern antiseptics protect tree species from destruction and decay. Special impregnation protects the wood from lung inflammation. Environmentally friendly and cheap to build, reliable and available to the average consumer cottages of timber.

Russian bathhouse.
In our country the bath is immediately associated with a summer residence. What Russian does not like to hover bones in the lap of nature! It has long been room for the Russian people — the purity of body and spirit, spirits and at the same time relax and rest. In Russia, there are whole bathing ceremony with established traditions for centuries. Because we have baths are very popular, and soon construction of the bath timber expanding its scope, because real Russian bath put wood priori.
Implementing rules for the construction of timber baths akin to building a house. And yet there are some aspects.
Tree species has several varieties. Sauna suits ordinary rectangular or square bar of natural moisture. However, this timber Requests for additional treatment make the surface smoothness and flatness. Shaped beam is in the manufacture of processed and when laying lays down tight, and in addition, having a smooth surface, does not ask further treatment. Glued laminated timber is expensive, but no he does not need finishing.
At any time of year, even in winter, you can put Bath of timber. Tree does not need a special room to store it, and collect at least some special bathhouse simply can about two weeks. And thanks to modern technology, the special treatment of the wood will protect the building from inadvertent ignition enhance moisture resistance and shield them from corruption and distortion. Enjoy Your Bath!

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