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In 10,948 BC, the era of the Virgin, began the following day Svarog, come evening and galactic human consciousness start "sleep." Upon the occurrence of the galactic night came the great flood which destroyed Atlantis and almost the entire population of the planet. Over hundreds of legends and myths walks of this terrible tragedy in different nations, and American Indians are your calendar on the occurrence of these events — they are now in the calendar year of 13,653. Shifted the magnetic poles (relative Earth's crust, not the orientation in space). Only a few managed to escape the righteous who are keeping part of the ancient Vedic knowledge.

In 4468 BC, the era of Finist began Galactic Night of Svarog, which lasts to this day. Svarog early night marked by events such as the arrival on our planet from the dark side of Adam's descendants vostochtoy 3662 BC As well there was the strongest earthquake in the IV century BC, which led to the famous, even described in the Bible, the Flood and the formation of the Straits and Basfor Dardonely.

In 392 AD, an era of Fox (the protection of the goddess madder), accompanied by the rise of lies and deception — its symbol is the cross. This is the dark time, which always comes before the dawn. This Slavic-Aryans were warned to "Wisdom of Perun," in which God gave the Secret Wisdom Perun priests and elders Births Holy Race, how to prepare for a heavy dark days when the arm of our galaxy Svastichnoy will pass through the space subordinate to the forces of the dark worlds hell . At this time the bright gods drop out of their people, as they are in accordance with the law of Heaven Ethics, does not violate the boundaries of space, was subject to the forces of the dark worlds hell.

In the "Book of Wisdom of Perun" says that many people will die of metal and fire.
7 circles of life (1008 years from the baptism of Rus' to the present day), darkness enveloped the earth birth of the Great Race. In Indian sources specified period of hard times in 900 years. This is a time of war and the decline of faith of their forefathers, the power belongs to reign over the earth and the goddess Czernebog Marin.

On the occurrence of the Dire time in the book "Veles" says: "More and more there sins. No honor the elders of the young, and the father did not listen to the children, the brothers are fighting among themselves, indulge in lust, indulge in serious vices, all mixed classes, worship in the countries might not praise the Gods of Light, reject God. "

Start light time, that is, dawn to begin in Summer 7521 Sacred from the Creation in the Star Temple (S.M.Z.H.) or 2012 AD. In the Mayan calendar nights Svarog also ends Dec. 22, 2012. And as it is said in ancient writings, we need to wait for the incredible changes associated with the transition. Now we can only assume that the next event, which is waiting for us, will be a grand military conflict with the possible use of nuclear weapons or natural disaster. And most likely, both because the dawn comes — the era of the Wolf, orderly nature, under the auspices of one of Proroditeley Slavic-Aryan — God Veles (prediction is also in the Edda), "gush of water on Earth and cleanse it from the filth." But righteous people will be warned and saved our Light Ones Gods and revive Vedic faith ancestors. For black people come to an end, and for the light — the end of darkness, and the occurrence of these events may occur in a period of not more than one circle of life (144 years).


Now in the Slavic world, vividly discussed topic of the imminent arrival of the Day of Svarog. This is the time when all the impure, "dark" and hostile Slavs and around the White Rod power off the ground and her reign paradise, bliss and peace. According to those who talk about this time, our solar system passes through a series of different palaces (constellations). At a certain period of time, it can be located further away from the center of the galaxy, or closer to it. Center of the galaxy — a spiritual force, and the closer to him Midgard-earth, the more spiritual and beautiful people and time on it. The farther from the center, the worse. On cosmic clock, our land tour various types of aliens and star civilizations. Some of them may be our relatives, others on the contrary, parasites and evil individuals. When it comes to the "dark" forces, our Relatives leave the Midgard-Earth and her reign, parasites, teaching soul left on the planet opposition lies and deception. And when it comes time to re-transformation, "dark" with the battle leaves the planet, bright gods return again.
This idea is firmly in the minds of Rusich matured and was accepted, as stated in the URA. After all, it gives us all hope for a speedy disposal of creatures and foreseeable bright future, which is about to come, or is now. In parallel, in esoteric circles promoted similar idea that a change of epochs, which occurs during the period of 2012, on the ground and in space will be similar events. Earth will enter a new era of good and universal love. Many esoteric sources, directly and openly say that it is unnecessary to do anything, just to love and give this love for people and the planet. In this case, the concept of love, discovery of this fact, not paid little attention, "they say love and that's it .." It does not say that it is better not shout loud phrases of love for the planet, and go and cover the nearby forest and springs. It is better not to talk about love for people, and feed the orphans and homeless. It is said that to love animals, but does not state that the loving never kill and eat the one who loves, because it makes the meat eaters — esoteric, while continuing hypocritical talk about universal love. Overlooked by so many and important aspects and details that point to the main thing. In this case, our attention is focused on the common phrases and beautiful words of adulation stupefying Consciousness and Soul.
Subconsciously, humans built-program "will be fine, so I did not!" "Space creatures and parasites still leave Midgard-Earth, they will come to our gods and all Sinister punished." In humans subconsciously built a program non-participation.
All this and to those demons that have invaded the planet. They need to convince people that all is well, that man should not bezpokoitsya, they will come to the gods — the real masters of the planet and throw out all the parasites here. Lulls the vigilance, and the overall quality of life is getting worse and worse.
Golden Age, a time of spiritual RaSveta and harmony comes only in that environment, the country, an area where the people themselves take in his heart, a genuine kindness and love, not empty arguments and inaction. When a person speaks of the great Cosmic Love, and then goes to the store to buy a pig's head for dinner, it is a real hypocrite, or just "sleeping". No awakening and cosmic love, even here and not "air". A man whose heart is true love, nor the fact that an animal — a branch of the tree without the need not break. Many of the Slavs is talking about the love of relatives, about what life is willing to pay for the ROD, but with a special hatred and cynicism spit in the face by the same Christians who are even confused, not remembering their own ancestral roots, but yet our Relatives and Slavs! So what kind of love to Rod can be discussed if we are unable even to love those whose soul is wounded and trapped by deceit and half-truths. They need help, not Ridicule them, antagonizing! What kind of love for the kinsfolk can we talk about when Rodnoverie renounce the same fellow Slavs who believe in space and called the homeland of their sick kosmodromschikami? What a love of kinsmen can be when levashevtsy curse their relatives living in the family estate and curse them so that they themselves demons in hell shudder at those words? It is our shame! Our spiritual poverty and anger-all in the habit of blaming his own imperfection and distress. And what a golden age, and renewal can be for people-carriers in the world is so much hatred, anger and aggression?
Svarog day will come only if and only to the person who starts living Pocono, Pocono embodying Lad-Love at first in the lively heart and then to the world around him, transforming him!
Svarog for Slavs day will not come in the 12th year, and then when we understand what love is, good and true spirituality. No one will ever solve our problems for us. The gods do not come into that cesspool, in which we have made today planet. Yes, demons really destroy and eliminate all that is good and bright. Yes, they have stuck like creatures and parasites to the body of our people. But who are they allowed to do all this? Who is the most important cause of all bezchinstv and nastiness that prevail in the world today? Is the AIDS virus responsible for the fact that the person he kills led a dissolute life? No. In this the fault of the person. And parasites. They come, where there are all prerequisites for their normal and satisfied existence. They — this is just a consequence. Reason only of ourselves. And no bloody revolutions and terror not to destroy parasites. More precisely — they can be neutralized at the time, but without destroying the very reason for the introduction of pests, land and themselves they are not clean. And the reason, only the man himself. In the spiritual poverty and hatred that people have today. Here's a simple example — the murder of animals in space leaves a lot of fear, pain and terror, which feed astral creatures and parasites. One myasoboynya one day the Earth emits a whole lot of this infection, which immediately flock to hundreds and thousands of creatures. Due to the fact that the land has been working industry of death and terror, it is a nutrient barn flew demons from the farthest shores of the universe, using Mother Earth like a canteen catering. So who is to blame? — "Hungry dogs" who came to the smell of rotten meat, or hosts that this rotten meat thrown to dogs? The answer is obvious.
That humanity today is such a foolish owner, got a ground antisanitariynuyu trash. If in a short time, we shall find no critical mass of those who are aware of it, understands and is in place or is ready for immediate action, the Gods really come. But not in the form, which present us to deny the will to resist — look good bearded grandfathers who left the planet for some reason and left it on the foolish children, and in the guise of menacing guards that cleanse Mother Earth not only from the demons, but of all those who helped these demons, and the fruit of their lack of will and his fat stupid paradise.
Svarog the day will come when we will return to the moral basis of which was with our ancestors and our past incarnations. And this is a high spiritual purity and morality. This canon chastity and honesty. In our ancestral memory preserved these basics, known to us in the words of a "unique Russian soul", "Slavic hospitality of" sacrifice, bezKorystii .. All these and other beautiful features of national consciousness, were the basis of our Generic Spirit. Now we are trying to cut links not only to our ancestors but to destroy these targets in us, spreading the cult of sex, pornography, greed, also leaked to the Slavs ..
Many space civilization and even worlds that coexist with us in the world, no matter through what is now the palaces of their system, they live in an honest and true love. Because they are the heart of choosing this path and do not allow themselves to falsehood, and your space. Now we can even go back to the Pocono Family Midgard-Earth. Of course, that we are nice to work hard, but no one does not, unless those who are ready, not in words but in deeds reintroduce shine Lada Love on Mother Russia!
Svarog day may come tomorrow, but may never come! It all depends on me and you, reading these words now. That each of us can do right now to approximate daylight and purification of Mother Earth:
— Fruit on it to stop the pain, terror and fear giving up meat eating. Thus, for example if you do not eat mertvyachinu, but continue to cook for her family, your liability could be much larger than that of those who just still asleep. Because you already know and see the damage, but because of their own lack of will continue to kill their own relatives, money sponsoring the killing of animals and their suffering, thus suffering of the planet itself and prokoromku demons and simple creatures, parasites
— Ridicule stop kinsmen on sites, forums, and in life, no matter who they are, Ynglings, Rodnoverie, Pagans, or generic, the landlords .. When Sventovit our Bozhychi-Voi will sweep all such vzgryzki, exactly like those that suit them, will be considered hostile and fratricidal. Treatment of people they are comfortable with will be accordingly. Nenavstniki Slavs, inciting hatred mezhSlavyanskuyu ranked as demons and implementers, whose task to sow discord in the Slavic camp.
— To prove his love for Matushkke Earth in real activities — clearing of forests and nature of their native land, reservoirs, springs, fields .. Communities will take place of power in the patronage of the region and the region, clearing them of debris vacationers.
— Tively charged to stop supporting "Magi", doing business on the Slavs, establishing a fee for spiritual help, ritual, using alcohol and drugs in their views. Distinguish this "minister" is very simple. The material collected in this article "The Magus and the" wise men ".
— We are pitting one. Trying to create intolerable conditions in the cities, introduce us to their shepherds for separation into konffesii and groups fomenting discord mezhSlavyanskuyu being introduced to our sites and forums, organizing chaos there and turning everything into a toxic dump!
Is an information war. Our task — to give a correct and relevant information. People are waking up and are interested in their culture and their roots. The first where they can go — is the internet, which is the fastest and Mass razpostranitelem information. If you are an administrator or moderator of Slavic life-you are responsible for the quality of the information that people carry. Many come to our forums and seeing that mess and toxic trash, which they converted, never ending showdown between kinsmen under the guise of "Whose ancient Vedas," and "whose Svarog correct" just turn around and leave, seeing such filth in the Slavic environment. Do not be like a grumpy dogs gnawing bones from abandoned. Each of the admins and moderatorv responsible for what happens on its resources. If you can not maintain order in the house, you are a bad boss. Do not create a website, if not look for it, or create an environment for pitalnuyu pustobrehstva mezhSlavyanskoy and discord. It is our shame, because of which the enemies rejoice saying, as we nibbled among themselves.
Earlier, during the Vedic Russia, whose memory is preserved in the hearts of many Rusich acquire light gods showed themselves to the rite, through the forces of nature and energy that are visible to the audience.
The gods now also open to those who courted his spirit and conscience, and who kept the torch of Pocono Soul. After such Rites really feels divine energy and life changing. Those who call themselves a great name of the Magi, have no such power, and consciously or not, misleading. If the Gods cried real Magi with childbirth and the gods themselves, these ceremonies would return hundreds Rusov ancestral memory, they are present, heal wounds and awakens to Knights. And because those who claim to be a magician, but it is not inherently conducting such ceremonies — we do not have that power which was at our ancestors and the present and the Knights of the Magi. The gods see through all thoughts of "sorcerers", see how they take money for spiritual help devotees — this would not even think it's really the wise men, which even from the innate modesty and moral purity as yourself would never named. All this self-love and self-interest, playing tively charged "Magi" only "lowered" to the level of Slavism circus and money scams, with a diploma from the Academy "Magi" .. We can not continue to go down! Either we restore the moral purity of our priests, or perish, because the Magi are people supporting and giving spiritual help relatives, which are their moral beacon and support, as an example for others. And not the shepherds, sold for money information and your own conscience.
We have turned the once prosperous planet, hell trash and den space worst offenders, in a pit latrine with a putrid stench of which is suffocating space. And many of us still believe in his goodness, in the fact that they will save the gods for what they believe in the coming of these gods. Friends is not important in what language, and under what form of praise of the gods! Important it is our inner spiritual essence, what we present of ourselves energetically. And what is happening today with the planet, it is a reflection of our inner worlds, vivid indicator of the mental "chaos" that reigns in our heads. Now is there any decent Rusich, this son of the gods, who can take over for otVEDstvennost that it was allowed here? Take responsibility and immediately take action, transforming your inner world, and as a result the surrounding world. One unit until these people. After all, the easiest way to sit on the forums and blame all their problems of gray, the Jews, the government zaslantsev provocateurs and anyone, just not a loved one .. And because almost every carnivore thinks and believes that he is a worthy son of Rod and his land. And do not even see or want to notice how much damage it does to their meat-eating native land and their own gods, whom he remembers every hour! Almost every whoremonger in Slavs says big words about the revival of power type, but does not understand or does not want to understand that the revival of the genus, family, race begins when it becomes ready for a meeting with his only ones he can pull it kinsman Soul A sort of, when he will be implementing canon chastity his life and will be ready for this event! .. We all used to consider themselves good, white and fluffy, the representatives of the hierarchy of the world, as they say, and esoteric kind of warriors, as they say the Internet — the soldiers of world Jewry and gray Masons ..
We need to pray to all the forces of space, so they do not come in a short time here and destroyed everything on the planet, and gave us one last chance to fix anything! Which worlds can we prevent, such dirty and squalid, looking only at our world that has been transformed today in a cattle barn? Most of us will be closed and all the planets will put even thousands of years in quarantine, if we do not come to their senses now, being in fact already above the abyss. Earth has already started the battle for your cleansing. During his life, with man-made parasites that bezstydno exploit and destroy its bowels. And it will be all the same as the phrase "Thank the gods!" We used for the day and how many Masons denounced the forums. Earth need a fresh breath, our true and real help in its purification and transformation, is that we have ceased to be carriers of the plague of meat-eating, no longer poison the air with the stench of tobacco and make other obscene action ..
I understand that the fanatics of the Slavs, the victims of the information war going, to whom "gotten to" information about world government and the Masons and who now see these Masons in every shadow, can call all this provocation and gray information, to the Slavs did not believe Svarog's Day and of course their pastors, broadcasting them of the imminent arrival of the gods. Friends, all this has been the coming-mission, a belief in a savior, etc. But there was chaos in the world, so he stayed. I appeal to those who have not lost a thread of light. By Rod Vityaz, kept a little of their own strength and did not appear in the network lulling relaxation guile. More than ever, Mother Earth needs our help. Our ancestors have hope for us, not us to them. On awakening kinsman all hope. Revived his mighty spirit and strength that has always been, is and will be the truth, morality and spiritual purity Rusichi!
Knights, those who are ready and willing to work for the glory of Rod — Do not fall for the sweet soothing voice of the imminent coming of the day of Svarog. He will not come until we do not open it in our hearts! Who will help our leave, if not us? Each delay and delay is required insidious enemy that wants to win more time to strengthen itself. The time can be expensive and it is not in our favor. Side Rusich Mother Earth herself, groaning under the yoke of the creatures. Help Matuschke-earth fulfill his destiny with dignity ..
Svarog day comes and begins with our conscious awakening to our real work for the glory of Rod with a genuine love and kindness to an animal friend, with an understanding of these simple and enduring foundations ..

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