SWAT shared his impressions of the dispersal of the rally on December 19 in Minsk

Newspaper Interior Ministry "On Guard" published experiences of police officers who took part in the dispersal of the opposition rally on December 19. "The events of that December 19 provoked opposition in the Independence Square in Minsk, not only as a cheap farce will not name. Many, watching on TV news, genuinely worried about his native country, the future of their children and for law enforcement officers, bravely hold the line, "the newspaper writes.

And they felt themselves, police and interior troops that night? The correspondent of "NS" talked with many of them and brought thoughts in a monologue.

— We stand shoulder to shoulder. Our system is unbreakable, as our beliefs. Behind us, not only the Government House. For us — fathers, mothers, wives, children … The citizens need to be protected, and we will not allow the chaos that rages in the square, to break into our homes, destroy all created and accumulated over the years of stability and independence of Belarus.

The people to whom we have sworn, made his choice — we have to defend it. And to make it clear to some that the Belarusians nobody can dictate terms to the outside, even bribing than one hundred people. Because at the end of the scale — our unwavering belief that outweigh any money.

You have come to the area, look at us! We are people just like you. Why do you want to take the path of vandalism? Why is trying to do us a shock, you call it democracy? As well as the fact that the stones thrown into the window, sow panic, destruction and disobedience around.

For what freedom, say, you are fighting? Conscience? So you sold her into slavery. The will? So you will not restrict the legal right. Anyone could come to the polls and cast a vote for the one who considers worthy. Nobody forbids meetings and rallies — just do not go to the limits of decency, do not turn into beasts, not to atrocities, justifying this beautiful word "democracy." Democracy — it is the will of the people, which he has already expressed, supporting the candidate with whom their future. And now you — a drop in the national sea — want to impose on the rest of someone's will.

And how do you want to regard it? … — Appeal to the conscience and the prudence of law enforcement officers.

Closer to four in the morning natural excitement over. The area was littered with broken glass and debris, empty eyes gaping broken windows in the parliament building — so disfigured the face of the capital left by those who frantically shouted: "Long live Belarus!"


The very next day after the elections, December 20 edition of "NS" began to receive phone calls — ordinary citizens thanked the police and internal troops, who took the brunt of unbelted bullies and gave them rebuff, expressed disapproval action psevdopolitikov.

Deputy Director of the ideological work, social issues, personnel and regime of "Minsk Watch Plant" Dmitry Quran

— In our country, there are opportunities for a good life, so I personally supported the election the incumbent president. So did the workers of our company. Events at Independence Square — the broken windows and doors, the attack on law enforcement officers and others — can be considered only as a very real crime.

Kovalev, a worker:

— Few madmen provoke the crowd, mostly young people, the turmoil, and she goes. And then the so-called "leaders" that led the people to the area, and cast them as: hiding in the hospital, slipped away home by taxi. Why are these "leaders"? It is hard to imagine what would happen if, in the decisive moment, police and military explosives did not deter the crowd. Many thanks to them!

Emma GAVRILUSHKINA, pensioner:

— Gathered in the square law-abiding people are not adults, and a crowd of crazed thugs, most of which are, in fact, children. Where to watch their parents, why were released to the area? .. A staff of the Interior Ministry — special thanks. No matter how hard they may be, they are, as opposed to the protesters, not lost human form, and well-behaved within the law.

The staff of the kindergarten № 284 Frunze district of Minsk:

— We teachers and educators, with all my heart thank law enforcement officers, who stood a wall to protect the rule of law and peace. Despite the danger posed by the disorderly crowd, young men in uniform showed professionalism, patience and awareness. Thanks to them, we live in a beautiful, vibrant country. On these examples will teach their children — children, for whom the future. Thank you and bow!

Emelyanovna Natalia Andreeva, who lives in Gourock (Mogilev region), a veteran of labor, juvenile prisoners of Nazi concentration camps:

— Dear soldiers of internal troops! Grateful to you all for your courage and strength. Appreciate the military training of military units and formations that you clearly demonstrated in joint operations with the police in riot December 19. I wish you, our defenders, peace, kindness, long life and prosperity!

Teacher of Russian language and literature at the base of school № 10 Novopolotsk Galina ZAVEDEEVA on duty at the polling station:

— At our station number 30 was a high turnout of voters. People would come in the morning and in good spirits. Most of the city, as it turned out, voted for the incumbent. Events that took place in Independence Square, the majority have an unpleasant surprise. At the spontaneous rally mostly persuade teenagers, boys and girls who are not yet able to make informed choices and act on them criminals was very easy. People who have committed this should definitely be punished. A police and military personnel for skillful action, endurance and resistance — special thanks.

Photo: Leonid Varlamov

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