Tank in Astrakhan

Candidate for mayor of Astrakhan Oleg Shein, and could not prove to the CEC that the elections were rigged and irregular.

Today, he said that in Astrakhan became convoy of armored personnel carriers, as well as posted in his online video blog, where indeed a column in the amount of 8 armored vehicles and military trucks enters the city, accompanied by the police. Videos can be viewed on the Internet, as well as a game of Battleship online for free.

Different assumptions fell, including the preparations for the celebration of May 9, but three more weeks.
Oleg Shein, gave an interview in which he explained that most likely this is an attempt of intimidation related to the fact that in the near future planned actions supporting hunger, noting that such action looks like at least funny.

Head of Press Service of the Astrakhan region, commented that there was no sending troops there and it's all fiction, but explain what makes armored vehicles in the city could not, but he said that close to the city are part of the Caspian flotilla, which is likely, and this column heading. And because of the meeting no one will enter military equipment.

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