Ten famous haunted houses


Today in popular culture a jump in interest in the paranormal. Ghosts, UFOs and Bigfoot depicted in the pages of newspapers and magazines almost more than a pop star. Transmission on television, on the work of psychics and mediums who have high ratings.

Therefore not surprising that haunted houses are very popular among tourists: the mystical stories related to a particular attraction, adding to her popularity.

The spirit of the former owner, who wanders at night the hotel, guests are not deterred, and forces them to stay for a couple of nights. Forbes magazine has chosen 10 buildings on the planet, where should visit every self-respecting ghost hunter.



Winchester Mystery House (San Jose, Calif.)

Oliver Fisher Winchester was a successful manufacturer of garments for men, but in the mid-fifties XIX century began to make weapons. Rifles and shotguns produce it quickly gained world fame, however, has brought his family — a curse. It is this assumption put forward a medium, which invited the daughter of Winchester, after one by one died of her father-in-law and her husband. In the 15 years before she lost her daughter.

Visiting a psychic said that all the troubles of the family from the ghosts of those who were killed by weapons produced. To get rid of this curse, he advised the widow to build a huge house with lots of rooms — to confuse the ghosts. Mrs. Winchester exactly followed the instruction medium. And because she believed that her life would break at the time when the construction is completed, the house was rebuilt continuously, one after another appeared stairs that rest against the ceiling, doors leading to nowhere, unknown purpose walls and openings, where hard squeezes adult.

By the time of the death of the mistress in 1922, the building was more than 150 rooms, on which today can wander anyone.



Grand Hyatt Taipei Hotel (Taipei, Taiwan)

"Good hotel, only the ghosts of rest do not give", "Service is great, but quite impossible to sleep because of some obscure Whispers", "out of the elevator — have seen the spirit" — similar reviews of Grand Hyatt Taipei is often found at tourist forums. A clue is that the hotel is built on the site of the prison where during the Second World War killed many political prisoners.

Hotel workers from the first days of its existence became syshat sounds that could be heard from behind the doors of empty rooms: voices, footsteps, laughter, clinking of glasses. Soon paranormal activity began to notice and hotel guests: they met in the corridors of the disembodied spirit, and someone in the room shifted objects from place to place, although cleaners swore that it was not their doing.

Alarmed by the hotel management sought the assistance of experts in feng shui. After inspecting the building, the experts put it in strategic locations spell scrolls that repel ghosts. Judging by the fact that the guests are still haunted, it did not help.



The Old-New Synagogue (Prague, Czech Republic)

It is the oldest synagogue in Europe, it was built in the middle of the XIII century. Since then connected with it a lot of legends, the most famous of which is about the Golem of Prague — a giant clay man. It was created in the XVI century Prague Rabbi Yehuda Lev Ben Bezalel, not for protection, not to help with the housework. After creating the rabbi had a magic ritual in which Leo Golem put in the mouth plate with Shem — the sacred name of God, and a clay giant to life.

Since then, every day Leo took out shem Golem's mouth, but one day, on the night between Friday and Saturday, I forgot to do it. Giant wandered the streets at night, and instead of protecting, began to kill and destroy everything in their path. Once it barely managed to calm, devoid of life of the clay body was dragged to the attic Old-New Synagogue and prohibited to go there.

The modern part of the legend tells the story of a secret agent of Nazi Germany, which in the 1940s, despite the ban, up to the attic — and died under mysterious circumstances. In addition, residents still believe that once in '33 giant wakes up at night and avoids the Jewish Quarter, and the meeting with him is fraught with unfortunate consequences.



Château de Brissac (Brissac-Kensit, France)

The castle, which is located in the Loire Valley, in the distant fifteenth century there was a double murder. The beginning of this tragedy in 1462, when Jacques de Breese, one of the first owners of Château de Brissac, married Charlotte de Valois. At a time when the newly-born husband was hunting in the surrounding woods, his wife wandered alone through the magnificent halls and eventually got himself a lover. Treason de Breese found only in the fifteenth year of marriage from a servant who one night and woke the owner, said that he found in the arms of Mrs. local hunters.

Osvirepevshey husband took a sword and rushed into the bedroom and killed the first wife of her lover, and then herself. After the funeral, Jacques de Breese imprisoned in a dungeon in the Château de Brissac settled ghosts. Charlotte, the new owners of the castle known as the Lady in Green — in life, it was her favorite color. The lady in green is quite harmless, and only his silent presence like that will always be the mistress of the castle.

By the way, this is a ghost only to men. Charlotte's lover, on the contrary, prefers women. Those who crave the thrill of € 390 can spend the night in one of the historic rooms: Lady in green will certainly check to spoil its guests to the property.



Joelma Building / Praca da Bandeira Building (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

The sad history of the building took place Feb. 1, 1974, when about nine in the morning due to a short circuit in the air-conditioning system, a fire broke out on the 12th floor of a 25-story office building Joelma Building. The fire quickly engulfed the entire building in which there were no emergency exits, no fire alarms.

Oklo three hundred people were rescued, but they have received burns of varying severity. More than 180 people in that terrible morning killed, with 40 of them jumped out of the window in the hope of salvation. Reconstruction of the building lasted for four years, it is now fully complies with fire safety. However, the offices are reluctant to remove it: employees claim that in the evening there is absolutely impossible to stay because of the sounds of unknown origin — moaning, screaming, stamping of feet. Some even occasionally feel a distinct smell of burning.

Moreover, the Brazilian Ghostbusters argue that in the past in place Joelma Building was a well, where in the 1940s, were found dead victims of serial killers. It is likely that in a modern building inhabited by as much as two generations of ghosts.



Point Hicks Lighthouse (Point Hicks, Kroadzhingolong National Park, Australia)

This lighthouse, located on Cape Hicks, considered the highest in Australia. However, he is not famous for it. In April 1947, in the local newspapers the message "The man disappeared at Cape Everard" — so called in those years, this stretch of coast.

This man was a kind of Kristofferson, a lighthouse keeper who has left trap to shellfish. A few years later, when this unusual story has already begun to be forgotten, a new lighthouse once heard a sound. The man was definitely convinced that apart from him there is no one in the building, and yet heard the heavy tread of someone climbing the long spiral staircase. Since then, the ghost of the old lighthouse keeper regularly visits, stomping, panting, and sometimes even polish doorknobs.

Every year a large number of tourists come to the Point Hicks is not only to admire the incredible beauty, views from the top platform of the lighthouse, but also to hear the sounds that it makes a disembodied inhabitant. You can even spend the night, there are several cottages and bungalows. The cost of living in them varies from 100 to 330 Australian dollars per day, and unpretentious Visitors can stay at the camp.



The Myrtles Plantation (Louisiana, USA)

The Myrtles Plantation — Plantation myrtle is one of the most visited haunted houses USA. History of the house begins with 1796, when the house was built by General Dave Bradford. Locals attribute the appearance of ghosts in the house with the biography of the general's daughter and her husband. This family had a slave named Chloe, who really loved to listen.

One day, the owner caught her in the act to punish and permanently wean Woman of the habit, cut off her ear. Chloe was forced from then keep walking in a scarf wrapped around her head. She decided to take revenge and baked the poisonous cake, adding to the dough oleander leaves. But in a terrible coincidence, not a man ate the cake, and all the rest of his family, consisting of his wife and two daughters. All of them died in agony.

Enraged slaves lynched Chloe, and since then her ghost wanders around the house and the adjoining garden. The victims also were not able to leave the manor house: they leave fingerprints on the furniture, hide personal belongings of guests and they are in the mirrors. And though some do not believe in the legend Mirtova plantations, tourists excitedly told how during the tour they were pursued by a strange mist clots, and guests — about how scattered it on the evening meal in the morning found the prints of children's feet.



Embassy of Tunisia — "House of Beria" (Moscow)

A cozy house, located in the center of Moscow earlier belonged to one of the most notorious figures in the history of the USSR — Lawrence Beria. The head of the NKVD lived here from the late thirties until his death. Most girls were afraid of Beria. It was rumored that he could not stop his car next to a beautiful woman, and he liked to invite her to her house, despite her opinion, and that if after a visit to the house in the Little Nikita many "guest" disappeared without a trace.

The local old-timers say that a few times a month near the mansion can be seen a strange phenomenon in the late evening with the Garden Ring pulls an invisible car, slammed the door, voices, and then cuts through the darkness of the night choking a woman's scream — and everything dies down.

However, even inside the embassy at times mysterious events occur: of the safes are disappearing documents left unattended are crumpled paper, and in the corridors of staff repeatedly met the ghost of the former owner. Several years ago, the press leaked the information that in the basement of the mansion Beria were found instruments of torture, but reliable evidence of this was found.



The Stanley Hotel (Colorado, USA)

Thriller Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining" on the book by Stephen King is one of the worst films in the history of cinema. However, few people know that in 1997, on television screens out the mini-series "The Shining", some scenes of which were filmed at the luxurious The Stanley Hotel. Here's why: for a long time believed that the atmosphere of this hotel and was inspired to create a King novel.

It all started with the fact that the cook began to complain, as if out of the ballroom, which is located above the kitchen, hear the sounds of revelry, although the room was empty. Somewhat later appeared at an invisible musician who played the piano in the evenings. Guests also at night could hear children's laughter, and some even threw themselves emboldened ghosts or small objects, deciding to play in caring nannies, tuck them blankets.

The innkeepers did not panic and turned to their advantage all the related rumors. They are not only going to banish the ghosts, but, on the contrary, offer a range of rooms, where paranormal activity is particularly high, — 407, 428, 1302 and 217 (they say it stayed by Stephen King), and on the inner channel day and night show kubrikovskoe " Lights. "



Edinburgh Castle (Edinburgh, Scotland)

This luxurious historic castle located in the heart of the Scottish capital by 133-meter-high cliff. Edinburgh Castle for more than a thousand years of its existence, has got an army of ghosts. Two of the most well-known love of different music. First — this is a headless drummer, which appears when the city is in danger: they say that it was he who in 1650 warned the inhabitants of the castle that he is approached by Oliver Cromwell's troops.

The second — the piper, completely disappeared in the maze of caves, where during the Seven Years' War, the British kept the French prisoners (their spirits, by the way, is also still can not calm down.) It is home to the four-legged ghosts and because of the on-site dog cemetery where they buried the dogs belonging to the garrison officers. One of them became a cult character of Scottish mythology of modern times terrier Bobby spent 14 years at the grave of his master, and deserves a posthumous monument.

A ghost named Mr. Boots is different nasty character. An old man in a frock coat, a cocked hat, and high leather boots often pursues tour groups, pulling a lock for clothing, hurled stones at them, shuts the door in front of them, and he especially likes to frighten young girls.


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