TEPCO will merge into the sea more than 11 tons of radioactive water

TEPCO, the operator of emergency plant "Fukushima-1", will merge into the sea 11,500 tons of contaminated water, said on Monday, April 4, BBC. According to the agency Kyodo, work should begin after 19:00 local time (14:00 GMT).

The concentration of radioactive substances in the water that gets into the sea, above the norm of 100. In TEPCO said the company has no other choice but to drain the water: in the tanks to make room for more water with a higher content of radioactive substances. The Japanese Government has assured the citizens that the level of radiation in the water is not high enough to cause harm to health.

As "Polit.ru" wrote earlier on Monday, TEPCO officials are trying to find a crack in the tank of the second reactor nuclear power plant, where radioactive water into the sea. Crack will detect dye that was added to the water in the reactor. Secretary General Yukio Edano government said at a news conference that the long-term leakage of contaminated water into the sea will cause "enormous damage to the world ocean."

Recall plant "Fukushima-1" is in disrepair since March 11, when Japan, an earthquake of 9 points. At the station, faulty reactor cooling system, which is why there have been several fires and explosions, triggering the release of radioactive substances into the atmosphere. To cool the reactors, plant workers poured into them, sea and fresh water, but because of malfunctions at the plant contaminated water into the sea. Radiation levels in seawater near the plant exceeds the norm by 4.3 thousand times, and the concentration of radioactive iodine-131 in water at the station above the allowable 10 thousand times.

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