The Americans will beat the enemy lightning


The U.S. military tested a new superweapon. At this time we are not talking about military lasers and railgun, whose successful tests made a lot of noise, but about the very real lightning.

According to LiveScience, weapon of the future can literally cause lightning on the battlefield. With the help of the military will be able, for example, undermine the hidden enemy mines or even destroy enemy armored vehicles.

It works as follows: a laser, a special air channel through which the electric discharge. The military, in fact, can now manage lightning and direct them to where they need.

"We never tire of watching as lightning strikes destroy our objectives in the course of experiments", — quotes the edition of George Fisher, a leading expert of the Center of Research, Development and design of the arms of the U.S. Army at a military base Picatinny, New Jersey.

He explained that the new weapon uses a feature of physics of lightning. As you know, this is a powerful electric discharge which occurs between thunderclouds and the ground. Lightning is formed where the strongest electrical potential difference, and follows the path of least resistance. In the case of new weapons, such a path for it is created artificially.

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