The arrested demonstrators capital, military conscription promise to send in the army

In Moscow, the protests on December 10, the young protesters at risk of being in the army. Recruitment offices in the capital promised to give them into the hands of the agenda.

As told "Interfax" referring to the source of capital Commissioner: "Young man, whom police detain for offenses will immediately serve a notice on the passage of military service, attendance at any such event, any role in planning fees. All these actions will be based only on the provisions of the law. "

It should be noted that in Moscow, December 10 (Saturday), planned a mass rally, which is organized as a protest directed against the results of the elections to the State Duma (the convening 6), which was held this past Sunday. In these elections, the largest number votes were given to the party "United Russia". Registered participants over 28 thousand people, but the authorities have allowed the capital to participate only to a few hundred square meters, with all this, ensuring that if number The rally will exceed the permitted, security forces dispersed a demonstration.

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