The bill submitted to the expansion of NATO in the South American Congress

As reported by "BBC News" yesterday in the South American Congress was a bill to expand NATO. Document means to speed up the accession to NATO of Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Georgia. Creator of the bill is to Sen.-Republican Richard Lugar.

The document stated that the United States will continue to maintain a policy of "open doors" for admission to the new NATO member countries. Bill urges the U.S. President to submit an Action Plan for NATO membership prospective new members to the alliance's summit in Chicago, scheduled for May. Need to see that if Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro have developed an Action Plan for Georgia is a similar plan is not provided. In the apparatus of Senator Lugar noted that the bill, in addition, encourages the efforts of the Partnership alliance with Ukraine.

According to the senator, the expansion of NATO — the key element that contributes not only to stability, and political reform in the new democracies of Eastern and Central Europe and the Balkans. According to the views of the South American Senator, the prospects for the role in the alliance have allowed not only to strengthen security in the areas of naming, and help in the current time member countries to become partners in the economic sphere and in the sphere of national security.

One section of the bill is devoted to South American nuclear forces based in Europe. The text of the document, in fact, the voice of the new plans of NATO. According to the text section, allies NATO will expand the system of deterrence, which Member States have to do to combat the dangers of the XXI century. Dangers will be checked including through the development of missile defense systems. Document reports that the negotiations should be assured Russian alliance "to strengthen transparency in matters of non-strategic nuclear weapons in Europe and take these weapons away from the territory of NATO member countries."

Sen. expressed the hope that bill will be approved by the Senate before the South American summit in May NATO (ITAR-TASS).

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