The candidate himself realizes that he has no chance of winning, but made worthy

"Which candidate do you remember the most on television and radio? Why? . " Brest meet passers-by.

Mr."I am so I can not now remember the names of the two candidates. But they got a warning from the prosecutor's office for having organized the rally. And what is like — first, it is very important to have good relations with Russia, and secondly, it should improve relations with the West. Senior citizens need to increase pensions. So attention must be especially to young families. Assistance from the state virtually no today. "

Mr."It seems to me that the most prezentabelnym the speeches was Andrei Sannikov. His speech, he built a very logical, without cufflinks. "

Mr."From all of this, of nine, I most liked Tereshchenko. It was he more or less a matter of respect. It was his performance is quite objective. The man who sees what to do, not only offers its program. "

Mr."No I do not particularly like it. Perhaps remembered Neklyaeva performance. Looks pretty decent. However, I think he himself realizes that he has no chance of winning, but at least he made available, informed his views. And remember it even from the past. "

Mrs."No one liked, just can not say anything positive."

Mrs."I really did not like in the speeches of the candidates that they do not speak about the current head of the country. Why did they build their performances in this way? "

Mrs."And I have not even had a chance to look. There was no time for that. "

Mr."No, I do not watch the speeches of the candidates. Just do not want it. Participate in the election will necessarily, but appearances do not want to waste time."


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