The Chase International

The unofficial anthem of Belarus — the famous Bagdanovichava "race" has a lot of musical versions and have undergone many interpretations and stylish incarnations. But there seems to be no more.

Video by Christina Karchevskaya writes in his blog:

"While she was in India, chasing new friends from all over the world :)

Cool, that Europeans and Asians were given our words and pronunciation is more difficult than people from Oceania and Africa.

It so happened that the song was ready exactly on birthday Bogdanovich, who was a couple of days ago. But immediately halt the video has not been possible due to the very poor of the Internet in India.

Result: USA, South Africa, Laos, India, Turkmenistan, Liban, the Solomon Islands, Cambodia, Togo, Palestine, Egipet, Indonesia, Australia, Zimbabwe, the Philippines and other countries szhpyavayuts all together for Belarus! Look, do not regret it ;) "

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