The Church is called to account for every environment

Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church called on each Russian feel responsible for the environment, cleaning up after a bottle and a plastic trash out of the woods and generally respectful of nature and the environment.

"When we talk about the environment, we often think of environmental pollution by various factories and plants, but often forget that each of us has a responsibility for the environment. I had to travel a lot, to be in different countries — and the environmental situation that we create around them, is, at best, at the level of the third world, "- said the head of the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan Hilarion, at a news conference in Moscow, when asked RIA Novosti on the main results of the Bishops ROC, which was held in the capital on 2-5 February.

One of the most important documents adopted by the Cathedral, Metropolitan Hilarion said the ROC's position on environmental issues. "Come out in any country a forest — and you're bound to see huge piles of garbage, waste, which lie right along the road, in the common areas and recreation. We have a bad habit to leave the place where the rest, all the waste from our holiday. This beer, plastic bottles — what if it does not then take out, will lie for centuries, "- said Metropolitan Hilarion.

He stressed that one of the tasks of the Church — "to educate people, people to treat nature with respect for their country and not pollute it."

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