The city Zarechnyj Penza region. organized the production of tractors Belarus

At FSUE FNPC "" Start "to them. M.V.Protsenko "organized assembly line model of wheel tractors" Belarus-320.4 "
28.12.2011 13:31


In October 2011, the Federal State Unitary Enterprise FNPC "" Start "to them. M.V.Protsenko "together with Bobruisk plant of tractor parts and units organized assembly line model of wheeled tractors" Belarus-320.4. "
Tractor "Belarus-320.4" are able to perform the full range of agricultural, construction, public works and transport. They are reliable, simple, and
convenient for maintenance, provide a high-performance work at all loads in the most adverse conditions.
On the basis of enterprise hosted service, warranty and maintenance of new equipment. Tractor "Belarus-320.4" has a certificate of conformity № C-RU.MC11.A.00007 from 05.12.2011g. The quality management system of production of tractors "Belarus-320.4" corresponds to the requirements of ISO 9001-2008.

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