The deputy head of the Pentagons retired for embezzlement of 400 thousand dollars

Deputy Minister of Defense Clifford Stanley resigns amid allegations in spending 400 thousand dollars and a job in the Pentagon's own friend, RIA announcements.

In the words of Deputy Pentagon on public relations, Doug Wilson, Stanley, who served as Deputy Minister of Personnel and readiness, submitted his resignation to the head of the defense department Thursday.

— Stanley explained to his decision by saying that the military service uses the highest standards … and he headed for such a step, when he will be able to charge more perfectly fulfill his successor. The decision was a volunteer Stanley — said Wilson.

At the current time the head office inspector Pentagon is investigating a case involving allegations Stanley in excess embezzlement and misconduct. According to the investigation, Deputy Minister izderzhal about 400 thousand dollars for equipment meeting room in his office, which witnesses speak as "extremely expensive." Also, inspectors say Stanley other self-proclaimed davneshnego to the highest post in the cabinet and forced the dismissal of about 20 employees of the military department. As a consequence of studying the address allegations Deputy Minister in the organization of interception of telephone discussions and interception of electric posts subordinates.

— Stanley made the inefficient system of governance based on horror and disbelief. He was a capricious and despotic control, the doers of outrage. He admitted overruns, cheating and abuse of power. Even if we assume that he was competent in matters of official business, his destructive behavior could lead to failure of the entire work of management personnel and readiness Pentagon, — referred to in the introductory note to the case against the official.

Stanley took far post in February 2010. Over 33 years he served in the Marine Corps and retired from the position of Major General. According to the statement Wilson, Stanley will be acting Deputy Minister More about 2-weeks after the acting head of management personnel and readiness of the Pentagon will be appointed his deputy, Joanne Rooney.

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