The draft law on municipal status of the Russian language rejected by the Saeima of Latvia

On Thursday, during another plenary session of the Latvian Saeima was rejected project amendments for consideration by the Commission. The project foresaw giving the Russian language the status of second-municipal. So Makar, the matter will be submitted to referendum.

60 Saeima deputies were opposed to the project was submitted to the Commission. One of the deputies VL-TB/DNNL — Karlis Kreslinysh — abstained. Marked by the fact that representatives of the faction "Harmony Centre" demonstratively left the courtroom shortly before the vote.

According to the Latvian Constitution (Constitution), the draft amendment shall be made in order to vote on a referendum. National will on the matter is likely to take place during the 1st, maximum 2 months after the decision taken by the Parliament. Preparatory date named on February 18.

The introduction of a Latvia Municipal second language has been raised with the filing of society "Native language"In the midst of Governors which Alexander Gaponenko Vladimir Linderman and Evgeny Osipov. In order to obtain a basis for the population survey Latvia, they managed to record a rather short time to get more than 12 thousand signatures of people. The second step of the campaign, which took place from 1 to 30 November, has permitted to obtain support for the bill has 180 thousand signatures of the Latvian people. Total initiative was supported by 12.14% of the population who participated in the parliamentary elections held earlier.

Already at this time announced the amount of the budget izderzhat have to hold a referendum. According to preliminary estimates, it can achieve 1.7 million lats.

Representatives of the top leadership in Latvia offer "native language" is not supported. The referendum was called "an absurd game," the President Andris Berzins which said he was not going to take part in it. The party in power, however, urge people to visit the sites in a day and to give voice vote against the controversial initiative. "Harmony Centre", in turn, calls for a vote, which corresponds to the personal beliefs of each person.

For the amendments to the Constitution were adopted, need the support of more than half of the voters who participated in the last elections of the Saeima. This means that the project will come in handy for making at least 771,893 votes.

Earlier in the newspaper "Sight" there was a message from the Speaker of the Latvian Parliament Solvita Aboltinja, which stated that the Diet had no moral right to vote for the assignment of the second municipality Russian language. At this point, the Russian language overseas on his own status.

In Latvia, at this point, has a population of about 2 million people, 44% of whom are Russian. 16% of them have the status of non-citizens, people who have moved to Latvia during the Soviet era. People's rights and non-citizens have about 80 differences, among which is the fact that non-citizens are not allowed to take part in elections and referendums.

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