The drought has caused serious damage to the Altai region

In the Altai region economy, affected by the disaster will receive government support. As the official site of the regional administration, in which the villagers assured the governor of the Altai Territory, during his working visit to Kytmanovsky area.

Some farms in the area, for example — cooperative "farm" October "- during the August 25 hail lost up to 70% of the yield of all crops. The governor also said that this summer in much of the region of crops — 300 hectares — has been lost or seriously affected by the drought. Managers affected farms have raised the actual problem of crop insurance.

The Governor stressed that "it is necessary to engage in insurance everywhere." At the same time, he said, for the insurance of natural risks, the Altai Territory need intelligible legal framework, as it has its own characteristics in determining the damage effects. At the moment, "the federal government is preparing a new law, which will focus on agricultural insurance", — the head of the region.
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In the meantime, Alexander Karlin assured the leaders that the government support will be provided to all those affected by the disaster farms. But — "You must first determine the size of the damage caused to the elements — there are certain procedures that order. Some farm crops are insured, so there will be addressed through insurance companies. Harder with those who are not insured crops. Will negotiate with the banks regarding the extension of repayments, restructuring of tax arrears to the budget, etc. The approach will be different. I think we find it possible to find more sources and additional help. entire damage can not be repaired, but we will not allow farmers engaged in production modernization, upgrading technology — lose their potential ", — assured the governor.

The governor also said that recently, Altai Territory has received massive federal support — more than 400 million to address the issues of agricultural insurance: the payment of insurance premiums to those who suffered damage.

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