The election campaign in the regions: the newspapers — silent radio — whispers

Regional activists of the Democratic candidates for president say about the obstacles that are repairing their officials in the campaign.


Trustees offend officials

Election headquarters of the opposition candidates in Brest require the authorities to increase the seats for campaigning. In addition, activists complain of deliberate interference to meet with the candidates on the premises.

Trustee Vladimir Neklyaeva Nicholas Bucket initiated in the regional city of a series of pickets in support of the candidate. Officials have warned that permitted are only those pickets, who are directly attended attorney:

"They explain their words this way: if I am a trustee who is not present at the picket, the rally is illegal. So I placed an order for ten pickets and officials demanded from me schedule of the places where I can be. "

The first few days of campaigning by opposition politicians lost.

According to the source, proxies require local authorities increase the number of places for agitation. Those who are dedicated officials, poorly populated and located on the outskirts of the city.

Trustee Andrei Sannikov at Brest Zinaida Mikhnyuk noted that the meeting with the candidates now have a declarative character. However, the administration of institutions requires the trustee additional documents:

"Here, for example, the director of DC unions had yet to submit additional documents. Despite the fact that such measures are now declarative in nature, director of the House of Culture asked for some additional applications — say, if he knew that it is legal to him after the report was not necessary. "

Igor Maslowski, BHC spokesman, said that the company's regions showed the dependence of the officials and the desire to create the impression of democratic electoral process. However, obstacles to doing a lot of campaigning:

"The local authority independent in decision-making. We have seen this. Initially, the city center was banned for picketing, then, when allowed in Minsk, allowed in the regions. Now the same thing is happening, and we see that the first few days of campaigning by opposition politicians lost … "

Grodno region

Voters blame state media

The Grodno region for the entire election campaign hitherto made only one presidential candidate — Yaroslav Romanchuk. The meeting took place at a small number of voters.

Why even countryman welcomed at home a few people? The question I asked a regular voter who does not belong to any political party.

Mr."First of all, because the state media ignored the elections in Belarus, people do not know when, where and what will happen. If we go out and look at our urban landscape, and he is in all over the country, we do not notice, do not feel that we have an election. "

If we go out and look at our urban landscape, and he is in all over the country, we do not notice, do not feel that we have choices.

Observer Victor Sazonov believes that the power ideologues, who are responsible for the results of the election on the ground, set up 16 years electoral system that does not fail. According to him, the election issues in the media is not present, the authorities detained a specially printed campaign materials, which are still not in the regions:

"All of this is done for a reason, namely to ensure that society does not zaangazhavalasya election situation, so it just remembered that the work will come the head and say: we must rally to vote early, vote for anyone anyhow, and then these sub-menus to newsletters need it. "

A member of staff Gregory Kastusiou Maxim Gubarevich serious cause disinterest voters opposition candidates considered the fact that a lot of them and they rasseyvayuts attention of voters:

"Perhaps, after in 2006 did not materialize, people have become more cautious, pragmatic and do not rush to these meetings, and observe from the sidelines and waiting to see what will happen next."

Hrodna journalist Ian Roman looks at these issues from the other side says, it's not just that the regime hinder the electoral process, but also in prafesiyanalizme politicians who put their candidacy. According to him, the campaigns of opposition candidates conducted an amateur way:

"In my opinion, this is a very amateur level, as any politician, if he is involved in a company, the goal is to see the result of this. Our politicians know in advance they would lose, they do not see the purpose. And in this campaign, they do not know what to do: one name to the street, while others are not called, and the result of their meeting place in half-empty halls. This is a common amateurism. "

"Radio only whispers when the program performs a candidate"

Some residents Bridges could not listen on the radio the first part of the performances of the presidential candidates. The sound was very poor or altogether disappeared.

A resident of Bridges Mrs. Alexander: "In the morning only whispers radio. I called them and said, probably because the radio does not speak, it was necessary to listen to the candidates? And I say: how could you think such a thing? The fact that it was in the last election, when it was necessary to listen to the candidates, the radio did not say, as soon as the broadcast of their performances, as the radio began to speak at once. I say — yes, probably, at this time? She says, well, I'll write down, the master will check. Written down or not, but after fifteen minutes of radio began to speak normally, but the candidates did not perform. "

Ms. Alexander also complained that nowhere is there a schedule of talks presidential candidates:

"Read as anywhere else there is no way, no one paper is printed: we come" Zvezda ", local newspaper, Grodno Oblast, but they have no information — if anyone speaks."

Duty "Beltelekom" the bridge, which received a complaint on the inability to listen to speeches of the presidential candidates, we explained:

"Because there were problems on the line. A woman called from the street Soviet, was zayavochku, she expressed the claim and decided that we supposedly do so specifically. More applications were not. Well, I will tell you this: who will do it on purpose, are you? The more things … "

To make them even warned repeat performance in the recording time is here.

Another resident Bridges, Mrs. Vera, lives on the street Engels. She also had problems with listening to speeches of presidential candidates:

"In our street-radio did not say anything. On Monday and Tuesday, the candidates were, and on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, they could not be heard. "

Who had a radio receiving station, said Vera:

"Today I listened to: Romanchuk performed, Tereshchenko, okay, it's okay for now. Here goes the election campaign, what responsibility should be unpleasant. To make them even warned repeat performance in the recording time is here. "

Vitebsk Region

Campaign of the candidate does not stop 15-degree weather

November 29 in the Vitebsk region again came Gregory Kastusyou. November 26, he had already met with voters in Orsha, and today organize pickets in Vitebsk and Township and hold a meeting in Novopolotsk.

Vitebsk leaflets to passersby.

Lenin Street, near the Summer Amphitheatre, where the candidate set to picket the BPF, not summer weather: 15 degrees in Vitebsk. But passers-by stop, take a flyer, some even know Kastusiou — say, watched the performance on TV.

On the picket granted observer from the OSCE.

According to Gregory Kastusiou, this is very significant, although at a meeting with the candidates goes not as many people as we would like:

"Obviously, it would be desirable to have more people. But sometimes in different cities in different ways, and on picket lines — in different ways. But here's the facts of living: people say that I listened to, know, people are smiling at me, are very friendly to me. People understand that the BNF — this defender of national interests. "

Kastusiou learned th lent victory.

Picket in front of Gregory Kastusiou day after day, is campaigning for a boycott of the elections Vitebsk opposition Boris Khamaida. He came out with a new poster — "Do not vote or lose."

Gregory Kastusyou says that people do not go to meetings because they are frustrated — for example, on the last Sunday in Mogilev was ordered to engage students in different activities that they do not come to the candidate. But Boris Khamaida claims that there are other reasons why people are not interested in the election:

"It is because people understand — it's not an election but a farce! And people know that after December 19 will still Lukashenko will rule the country! And I tell them, it is necessary to ensure that the elections were legitimate, and then go and vote. "

Boris Khamaida

According to Boris Khamaida, elections should be boycotted, so they did not take place — and then Alexander Lukashenko can not be a legitimate president for another term.

But the view of the average voter, under 25 years old guy, who at first listening to our conversation, and then decided to express his own opinion:

"No, I believe that the elections did not have to go. I'm in this show do not want to be personally involved! It seems that candidates deliberately chosen to Lukashenka next to them looked like a hero and savior! And I have asked many people — simply interested in, and entrepreneurs, and ordinary workers, whether they will go to the polls. They say that they will not, but they do not have to Lukashenko — he just got them all! "

However, candidates are hoping to convince voters to vote for them in Vitebsk region. In addition to Gregory Kastusiou, meeting with candidates in the next few days are going to give the fans of Vladimir and Vitali Rymasheuski Neklyaeva.


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