The electoral program of Ales Mikhalevich

(Original spelling retained)

The electoral program of the candidate for the President of the Republic of Belarus Alexei Mikhalevich

"The strategy of evolutionary modernization"

The economic model that has developed today's power, was suitable for the mid-90s of the last century and the first years of the new millennium, but it does not meet the current needs of the country. To remedy this, my team and I have developed a program of evolutionary modernization of Belarus. The basis of this program lies in economic growth, effective state and active society.

I. Economic growth

The foundation of a developed and rich countries have always been and will be competitive economy. However, today we are witnessing the fact that our economy can not cope with the global and regional changes, and a large bureaucracy, imperfect laws, an intricate system of taxes and centralized power hinder the development of Belarus. As the most reliable indicator of improving the lives of citizens is to increase their income, the first goal of my program — is to ensure economic growth.

I stand for:

  • creating transparent and understandable laws that will help to attract foreign investment to our country and technology;
  • protection of private property and increasing the level of economic freedom;
  • tax optimization and the broad support of small and medium-sized businesses;
  • the abolition of the price regulation on commercial goods and services;
  • excommunication of business from governmental agencies and special services;
  • Modernization of core enterprises of the Belarusian industry;
  • development of infrastructure and high-tech manufacturing;
  • The introduction of modern management and marketing;
  • optimization procedures of opening and closing a business, licensing, certification, and financial reporting;
  • The development of the commercial banks and the available forms of credit;
  • amnesty to the greatest possible number of citizens who are in prison because of their involvement in economic activities;
  • Land reform and government support for farmers;
  • diversification of suppliers of electricity and natural resources;
  • Strengthening the independence of the National Bank and the strengthening of the Belarusian currency;
  • increased mortgage lending;
  • The development of e-commerce, insurance services and online payments;
  • All-Belarusian computerization program of recovery and public finance;
  • Creating Financial Development Agency, which will be engaged indirectly subsidizing the Belarusian state-owned enterprises;
  • creation of conditions for the involvement of the general public in the process of corporatization of the Belarusian economy through pension and insurance funds;
  • implementation of the national program "Start" to support start-ups and pipeline to launch new businesses;
  • creation of information and counseling centers of expertise to small and medium-sized businesses and the "business incubators";
  • Creation of oil and gas consortium consisting of Belarus, the Ukraine, the EU and Russia, which will deal with issues of energy transit to Europe.

In order to successfully defend the Belarusian position in international markets, Belarusian economic entities should assist in the development of the "laws" of the active promotion of products and services. Marketing, PR and advertising will be a key to creating an attractive image of our country far beyond its borders.

The interaction of government, science and business can be a source of technological breakthrough in Belarus. I believe in the future of science parks, the active cooperation of scientific institutions with the business and the implementation with the financial support of the State of promising new patents.

II. Effective state

State — is a mechanism that should properly carry out the tasks for which it was created, not unnecessarily restricting the freedom of its citizens. And the provision of economic and technological leadership in our region is not so much the invention of reform, but in the quality of public institutions that will implement these reforms.

I stand for:

  • Independence of the courts and the introduction of the elective principle of Belarusian judges;
  • strengthening the role of Parliament and the Constitutional Court, the General Prosecutor's submission to the National Assembly;
  • reform of the electoral law;
  • A return to the constitutional norm, according to which a person may not be the president to two terms;
  • election of heads of regions and mayors inhabitants of these regions;
  • freedom of expression and the development of commercial television channels, radio stations and newspapers;
  • the elimination of all departments and divisions in ideology and gradual privatization of state-owned media;
  • raising the status of the military;
  • Preservation of the doctrine, which is based on military neutrality of Belarus (the Belarusian army to maintain its combat capability to conduct joint military exercises with Russia and with NATO);
  • pension reform and the creation of a funded system with personal accounts;
  • competition to private pension funds, while maintaining the state social pension;
  • the establishment of public control over the work of law enforcement agencies;
  • The introduction of competitive recruitment in the civil service and the simplification of the vertical of power in favor of local self-government bodies;
  • intensification of political relations, with a view to access to Western markets, technology, investment and protection of the interests of Belarusian companies abroad;
  • friendly and mutually beneficial relations with Russia and the CIS countries, the strategic partnership with the European Union and Ukraine;
  • The inclusion of Belarus in the international trading and economic system and the entry into the World Trade Organization in 2012;
  • reducing the cost of Schengen visas for Belarusian citizens and in the future introduction of a visa-free regime with the EU;
  • The involvement of private investors in the modernization of housing and communal services, improving the quality and range of public services;
  • ensuring transparency and fairness in the processing of utility tariffs.

Environmental protection should be a part of the Belarusian imidzheobrazuyuschim policy. I am convinced that the construction of nuclear plant in no way fits into the concept of creating an image of the "Land of Lakes under white wings." Moreover, the potential cost-effectiveness is highly questionable. Belarus forces to become one of the centers of the green movement in Europe and the world, a country that has initiated the protection of nature, organic food and advanced medicine, nature protection technologies and rational use of water resources. Humanity Belarusian state must show in relation to the animals. We must renounce the destruction of stray animals and to provide them with a system of shelters.

III. Active society

The basis of the well-being of Belarus — is We, our intelligence, freedom, initiative, independence and our active position. The accumulation of social capital, which is the active and amateur society, will be the key out of the country to the new civilizational perspective.

I stand for:

  • decentralization of political and economic power in favor of the regions;
  • Section six areas currently existing 17 administrative units — counties — with the following administrative centers in Brest, Pinsk, Mozyr, Gomel, Grodno, Baranovici Sluck, Bobruisk, Lid
    a, Maladzechna, Borisov, Mogilev, Kryčaŭ, Deep, Polotsk, Vitebsk , Orsha, as well as a separate administrative unit — Minsk together with the Minsk region;
  • the abolition of the contract system and improvement of the legal framework designed to protect the rights of workers in the private and public sector, the freedom of trade unions;
  • the adaptation of higher education to the needs of the market, improving the social status of teachers and building an economy based on knowledge and innovation;
  • the elimination of forced distribution of university graduates;
  • Belarus's integration into the European system of education and the mutual recognition of diplomas and educational standards;
  • The introduction of tax incentives for businesses that invest in improving the knowledge and skills of their employees;
  • The dynamic development of private universities and accessible forms of student loans;
  • social integration of vulnerable groups, building a society of equal opportunities;
  • The development of various forms of health insurance;
  • Equal rights for religious denominations traditionally represented in Belarus (which should also include and Protestants) and the partnership between the state and religious organizations in the areas where such cooperation is not contrary to the tenets of the secular state;
  • restoration and development of the Belarusian cultural heritage;
  • expanding use of the Belarusian language by providing citizens with information about the activities of state bodies in the Belarusian language.

A very important condition for the preservation of the Belarusian identity is cooperation with the Belarusian diaspora, particularly in Russia, the U.S. and the EU. The introduction of "card Belarusians" can be a serious step to protect the rights of hereditary Belarusians to return to their historic homeland. We must also develop a program of adaptation of migrants who have moved to Belarus from the former Soviet Union.

With regard to national minorities, they should keep in Belarus autonomy and the right to maintain and develop their traditions, culture and language.

I am convinced that economic growth, effective state and active society is able to form an economic, institutional and social capital of our country, which will allow Belarus to claim the role of the leader of the civilization of Eastern Europe and provide its citizens a decent standard of living.

I believe in our Belarus, believe in the potential, and that we will succeed!

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