The era of the creatures began Frankenstein


The era of artificial organisms, appears to have started. Scientists were able to create a jellyfish from rat heart and silicone. A decade ago, genetics did not even dream about it.

Then, in 2003, scientists have created the world's first artificial organism. Engineered bacteria used them to create an entirely new protein amino acid which is not used in living organisms that exist on our planet.

— For the first time we managed to get in a normal laboratory conditions, self-replicating organism that is fundamentally different from those existing in nature — was proud when Peter Schultz of the Scripps Research Institute in La Jølle. — Our design opens up tremendous prospects for the generation and synthesis of drugs.

And now a new milestone in the history of the creation of artificial beings. And it is made by the same team of biotechnologists from the California Institute of Technology. This time they were able to create meduzoidov resembling a flower with eight petals, blades.

To do this, they used a special silicone, which "built up" a little animal protein and muscle cells of rat heart, writes When passing through the artificial body of the electric charge is reduced and he moves like a real jellyfish.



— Morphologically and functionally it's a jellyfish, but with rat genome — says Keith Parker, under whose guidance the work was performed. Upon completion of the assembly "experimental" was placed in a vessel with water, connecting the two electrodes. When voltage robot began to move quickly — just like a real jellyfish.

The creation of "meduzoidov" scientists have pushed monitor its counterparts. They move, turning your body into something like a jet engine — squeezing it and abruptly pushing the water. About the same acts and the heart muscle pumping blood through the vessels.

The invention of American scientists opens a new type of robot, which stands on the brink of genetic cyber technologies — the ultimate dream of science fiction writers of the XX century. For example, the creation of a jellyfish muscle cells of alien substances described in his novel "West of Eden" American writer Harry Harrison in 1984.

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