The European Parliament criticized the new proposals the EC ekodvigatelyam

Chairman of the European Parliament Committee on Environment Mathias Grote considers insufficiently ambitious project developed by the European Commission EU directive to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of cars and small trucks, the new release.

"I believe we can and must do more to reduce car emissions of CO2. Before the European Parliament and the Council is now the joint responsibility to amend the bill to make it more ambitious for the good of the environment and consumers," — said in a statement Grotto.

The European Commission on Wednesday unveiled proposals to reduce by 2020 the engines of new cars are the CO2 emissions to 95 grams per kilometer. As of 2011, the requirement to automakers was 135.7 grams, and in 2015 the Directive the rate prescribed to bring up to 130 grams in 2015.

For small trucks the European Commission proposed to limit carbon dioxide emissions to 175 grams in 2017, and by 2020 — 147 grams. As of 2010, the level of engine exhaust small trucks limited new issue 181.4 grams per kilometer.

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