The first lady of the Czech Republic bought Belarusian tablecloth

Klavsava Livia, wife of Czech President Vaclav Klaus, on Sunday bought a linen tablecloth Belarus.

Each year in the capital of the Czech Republic, under the auspices of the First Lady of the Czech Republic, the Christmas market is held in which the embassies of different countries offer for sale the other embassies products specific to the country or are considered its most marketable and exclusive merchandise. The current fair — which is also called the Fair, "the embassy wives" — was held in the hotel "Hilton" in Prague.

According to a correspondent of the Czech version of the radio, Belarus This year, put it on your tray, in particular, three kinds of vodka (Vitebsk, Brest, Belarus), cosmetics, sausages and — "reason" as the correspondent — peas.

"Traditionally, we have a very good take black bread. Traditionally — linen" — told a representative of the Belarusian Embassy Valentin Shpak.

Libya Klavsava No man deceive any Belarusian vodka or sausage, and took the tablecloth.

Belarusian tray. Right — the first secretary of the Embassy Valentin Shpak

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