The forgotten history of Jewish settlements

Today, in the central city library researchers Mogilev Jewish heritage of the region provided the public with their finishing touches. Meeting local historians of the five towns of the region Mogilev organized Jewish community. Hear their stories, "Pro-forgotten pages of history of Jewish settlements" in the reading room came two dozen people.

Research zealots local stories on Jewish themes often remain unclaimed. Although the settlements are numerous signs of the former Jewish life. Only here you will not see there signs that this building was once a synagogue, and this was built for the funds of wealthy Jews.

Alexander sternum— Local historian of Shklow. He is well-known scholar of Jewish culture. About the life of Jewry Shklovsky he says with enthusiasm. At the meeting, he presented his contribution to "The Jews Shklow."

Alexander sternum

Once inhabited by eighty percent of Jews Shkloŭ was the center of book publishing, science, culture and industry. Now, except for the few who miraculously survived the Jewish buildings and cemeteries, with a monument to victims of the ghetto, in a district center is nothing left.

Chest"The fact that we, historians, are doing to preserve the memory of the Jewish presence in Shklou — it is very, very small. Deep scientific approach to the study of Jewish heritage, not only in Shklou, but in Belarus itself is almost underway — and this is a very rich heritage of Belarusian history. "

The situation is similar in other towns of Mogilev. Go to the historical memory of the Jews attitude is the same as the Belarusian, said the meeting organizer Ida Shenderovich:

Ida Shenderovich

"Monuments of architecture, such as destroyed equally by the Belarusian, the Hebrew. I am reminded of a synagogue in Bykhau. It really is monumental, beautiful building, which stands in the center of the city with no roof and destroyed. Every time I come back, I see that it is even more decline. The same happens with other monuments. Jewish monuments, apparently, are at the very bottom of the list for restoration and recovery, but also those which are at the beginning of the list, is also not in the best condition. Maybe when the country becomes more affluent, the turn comes to our own sites. Maybe they still will. The twentieth century has brought so many changes that the memory of the Jews almost wiped from the history not only of Mogilev region, but also in Belarus. "

Do not fail to mention the Holocaust at the meeting. He destroyed the Jewish Belarusian towns. Now a small-town historians and students gather information on the details of the victims of the Holocaust. At a meeting about it presented the book "War of known and unknown" Osipovichskaya teacher Neonila Tsiganok.


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