The forgotten past … Khalkhin Goal

The forgotten past ...  Khalkhin Goal
Flying the flag over the river Halkin-Gol

The war may have different consequences
among savages, promoting the selection of a strong and agile,
but civilized nations most devastating impact mediocre:
it leads to mutual extermination very best and bravest.
A. Fouillee

To the chagrin of bolshennomu, Russian history is often also addressing the fundamental actions that must be remembered descendants. One of these historical facts, unfairly excluded from school curriculum is war with Japan in 1939. Meanwhile, to teach this event just need in order to understand the prerequisites out of the land of the rising sun on the attack Russian Alliance during the fascist coming. Territorial claims in this island nation has long were presented and will be presented in a more prolonged the address of the Russian Federation, China and some other countries, but to have a good look at the situation, you need to know about such facts as the war on Khalkhin Goal.

The armed confrontation began a long time before the advent of Nazi Germany Russian Alliance. According to the views of zabugornyh historians, the conflict was triggered by the Tatar troops, more than once to invade Manchuria area. So Makar, the war is called conflict or incident, and the aggressors are the Mongols. But such a view is far from the truth. There are also samples blame Tartar nomads, allegedly willing to take a new pasture, in violation of the border, against the background of the cluster Prof. multi-million army on the border is not just implausible, and awkward. Neuzh Japan is so afraid of peaceful shepherds, which introduced more than 50 thousand fighter and huge amounts of military equipment to protect the borders of a sovereign country Manchukuo?

The forgotten past ...  Khalkhin Goal

The commander of the 2nd rank G.M.Shtern, MPR H.Choybalsan Marshal Georgy Zhukov and corps commander in the command Fri Khamar-Daban

Background to this short-term war obviously indicates that there is no malice on the part of Mongolia could not be, as were the pioneers of the residents of the rising sun. Back in 1932, Japan occupied the Chinese countryside and made the government of Manchukuo. Despite the fact that the government was nominally sovereign, his country was a military contingent constantly land of the rising sun, and the political direction was made by the Japanese king. Claims to the land of the MPR became apparent as the puppet Manchukuo stated requirement to move the border on May 20 kilometers into the Tatar territories. On the eve of combat engagement MPR asked the Soviet Union for help in the fight against the aggressors, resulting in an alliance contract was signed and announced to the disputed border troops of the Red Army. Over time, the border zone was shelled by the Japanese, there were numerous trials taking prisoners. In addition, residents of the country of the rising sun has already come into conflict in 1938 at a small lake under the name Hassan, which lasted two weeks and ended in favor of the Russian forces. This fact once again confirms the aggressive policies outside the Land of the Rising Sun.

Of any attempts to Tatar soldiers, who have been the reason for the clash of the question as well as the first battle ensued on the peninsula Khalkhin Goal. This small piece of land belonged to Mongolia, but on May 8 under the cover of night, Japanese soldiers tried to capture the peninsula. As a result, a brutal firefight squad retreated, having suffered the loss, including prisoners. The incident has documents in the archives. Clearly, even the name of the prisoner: Takadzaki Ichiro, who was one of the attackers.

After a day or three Japanese Squad boldly invaded the Tartar district, seizing a border post Nomon-Khan-Bur About. The Mongols fought back, but because of the numerical advantages, also more modern guns could not do without the support of allied troops. Russian forces massed quite a long time, but after May 22 launched successfully cast some Japanese troops to the border. But the army extensively updated with new strength and technique, and at the end of the month vernal Japanese command start coming. The main purpose of the first coming of the Kwantung Army was the ambiance of the enemy, as the introduction of its own numerical advantages. Maneuver the enemy led allied troops to withdraw, but the strategic plan of the Japanese command was not executed. Great contribution to the failure of the environment had brought an angry struggle battery Vakhtin and Russian counter-attack once again threw her to the edge of the aggressors. Impotence Kvatunskoy army resented ruler, and the command used air strongly that the technical indicators in a couple of times that Russian weapons.

The forgotten past ...  Khalkhin Goal

At first fortune in the struggle for the skies remained on the side of the Japanese, but soon a war zone Smushkevich came together with a small team of experienced pilots. The program was launched to train Russian and Tatar pilots strategy of air combat and soon Japanese operations completed to bring such success as before. Of particular note is the significance of these worthy people, establish effective training of young fighter in such extreme conditions. Evenly Russian planes began to take the initiative and have already suffered the loss of a Japanese-Manchu forces.

For the first time Russian army commanded by GK Beetles. Unknown, but the budding commander immediately began to develop a plan of confrontation. The correctness of his actions during the war have repeatedly been called into vibration by Stalin's entourage. Special displeasure expressed his candidacy Beria and even sent observers to monitor specific. One of these employees was Mehlis, which began aggressively intervene in the affairs of military command and was recalled back headquarters. Zhukov solutions were indeed very brave, but fortune remained at his side, and intuition fails.

July first Japanese forces captured Bain Tsagaan, which made a real danger to the Mongolian-Soviet defensive zone. The fighting continued for the height of not less than 3 days, during which both sides suffered significant losses, but the aggressors were again pushing off to earlier positions. Fight on the mountain went down in history under the name Bain-Tsagan slaughter, were such terrible casualties on both sides. After a crushing defeat of the group, the people of the country of the rising sun face new tests coming in the middle and at the end of the month, but were defeated.

Japanese high command does not want to have
to give up, and decided to storm the combined forces, which were to be collected by the end of August. To a place of conflict was pulled together military equipment, but the date was coming due on 24 August.

The forgotten past ...  Khalkhin Goal

Tatar soldiers on the front line

In this bloody war was especially pronounced in strategic talent Zhukov. His plan of misinformation Kvatunskoy army command was the key to victory in this confrontation. The strategy was based on the deliberate dissemination of disk imaging that the Russian army wants to start coming winter only. For this broadcast clogged wrong with easy messaging encryption code to the enemy fall outfits for winter gear, and more. Zhukov strictly forbade make the necessary maneuvers in the daytime, and for a long time specially designed noise to which the inhabitants of the country of the rising sun is not evenly began to pay attention to. The command of the Kwantung Army was so confident that the allies will go to just coming in late autumn, which was not actually track the movement of parts.

Commander series of three offensive parts: the southern, central and northern, was also an allowance. Advent has begun at one point for the enemy on August 20 and developed quickly. It should be noted that the resistance of the Japanese fighter was surprisingly stubborn. Courage and desperation with which fought ordinary worthy of respect and remembrance. Strengthening surrendered only after the physical destruction of a fighter.

Advent lasted until the last days of August and ended with the dismemberment of the Japanese aggressive army in half and alternate liquidation at first South and then North. August 31 territory Mongolia has been cleared of the invaders, but by the end of the war was still time.

The forgotten past ...  Khalkhin Goal
Red Army soldiers in camp

First September command of Japanese military forces again tried to storm the Tatar area, but terrible loss and strongly resisted the Tatar and Russian fighter threw back the attackers to their former positions. Failed, and air samples revenge taken four times in two weeks, during which the Russian pilots had an advantage of a natural and permanent. In aerial combat for the first time the Russian side was used type of missile weapons. In the course of the bout only 5 Russian cars killed 13 Japanese planes.

September 15 the war was over the signing of a contract for an armistice, and on the subsequent day combat acts quite finished.

Why Russian command only pushes the disc away the Japanese invaders, but did not go on the attack on Manchuria area? It is best to explain the position of command words of Stalin's threat of a long-term bill and the war. Stalin was aware of how unsafe the invasion of these areas, a significant gain in the situation of Germany and its manifestations of anger. Specifically, on this basis the Soviet Union willingly went to a truce, but the initiative came from the Japanese government.

More than anything in the short-lived war affects the dedication of Japanese soldiers who were willing to die, but did not give up their own positions. The situation would be understandable if Russian army advancing to the eternal land of these people in order to capture and conquest, but on the border of Mongolia, the aggressors were particularly residents of the country of the rising sun. Clarification of such a crazy rage only to be found in the active ideological propaganda, which was conducted from the late 20's in the country. Fanatical soldiers and officers were a real gun, which was directed against our soldiers who defended the freedom of its own allies. But it was the actions of Russian governance and practical sense. Russian alliance could not let the terrible and strong by the time Japan to its borders. The actual conquest of China was evidence of the power of the Japanese forces in Mongolia because the acts were of particular importance to the security of our country.

A short but very intense and ruthless war was fought specific rehearsal for the land of the rising sun and the Russian Union. The defeat of the aggressor in a collision forced Japan to abandon the invasion of the Russian space during the fascist aggression, despite the energetic demands on the part of Hitler. Then force the Land of the Rising Sun have been thrown on the attack of Pearl Harbor, prompting the United States entered the Second World War and were successful allied help Russian troops. Britain and the United States just made sure that it is impossible to satisfy the territorial claims of the Land of the Rising Sun only one rage against the Soviets.

The forgotten past ...  Khalkhin Goal

The captive soldiers of the 6th (Kwantung) Army

As a result of military conflict Russian army was professional and resourceful commander in the face of bugs that could not be subjected to harassment and punish unlike other military capable of Governors. Many of the officers and men received municipal services.

Foreign press ignores the fact of anger on the part of the Land of the Rising Sun and tries to refer only to the actual events, since 1939. The position of historians who say that Kvatunskaya Russian army was betrayed anger is puzzling, because in itself to find it on the areas of Manchuria and claims to Tatar lands is evidence of occupation of the open. Russian authorities have not claimed the area of foreign countries, as does the defense. Even more puzzling is the attempt of Japanese chanting "heroes", while a Russian soldier in such publications is not mentioned. All samples of neglect of this disposition is not much known war on Goal Khalkhin are nothing more than another as "rewriting" of history in a more comfortable shape, so that the necessary modern politicians in Europe and the U.S..

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