The German was not breathing 22 minutes



Scientists are in a quandary: one training can not be explained as a German Tom Sietas could not breathe for more than 22 minutes. Not finding yet intelligible interpretation, they warn of the mortal danger of such "records".


Tom Sitas lasted under water without air 22 minutes and 22 seconds. 35-year-old German has competed with the former champion in this discipline Brazilian Ricardo Baja.

Those who have a child is familiar with the process of "free" free diving without scuba gear and even without the breathing tube, know how in 30-40 seconds of breath-holding body begins to violently claim the saving sips of air. However, the 35-year-old German Tom Sietasu managed the unthinkable — during demonstrations in China, it is almost 5 minutes had improved his achievement as the stay under water.

Now the world record for breath-holding, which will be recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, is 22 minutes 22 seconds. Interest to the spectacle was so great that the attempt to establish a new record broadcasted live one of the Chinese TV channels.

Among the Japanese professional pearl divers (more for sinks, which are hiding precious "beads") for many years considered the best achievement of the ability to stay under water for 7 minutes.

Record holder himself explains his incredible ability lengthy and regular workouts, which led to the fact that the volume of his lungs more than in the general population by 20%.

Tom Sietas says he conducts special training for many years, at least 1-2 times a week. However, he alternates between static breath hold while underwater stationary, with the dynamic — as it has for several minutes swimming under water, intensively working with his hands and feet. It is clear that in the latter case, the body expends a lot faster then even a tiny amount of oxygen that remained in the blood and lung diver.

Citas before the dive did not take food for more than five hours to slow down the metabolism in the body. Then for some time he was breathing pure oxygen from a cylinder, without this it is impossible so long to be without air. His personal best of breath without the use of pure oxygen is 10 minutes 12 seconds.

For the first time the ability of the free diver for a long time under water without air saw his diving instructor, who has taught the art of Tom apnea. Now a German lung capacity by 20% more than the average person.

The divers like Tom, and behind them, and the scientists who study the mysterious phenomenon, found that under normal conditions, while on land, he can hold his breath for much shorter periods of time than under water.

The researchers attribute this particular ancient reflex that is common to all mammals, including man: under water, a sharp narrowing of certain blood vessels and decreasing heart rate, which reduces oxygen consumption.

However, doctors warn that the long-term effects of these exercises can be extremely harmful to health "supernyryalschikov."

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