The glow of the fire in the Middle East once again highlights the double standards of the West

The fire kindled in the Middle East continues to burn. The real war broke is not in Syria itself, and not far from it. Israel under the pretext of combating terrorism began anger against the Gaza Strip.

France, Britain, the United States has blamed only on the Palestinian side and stated that Israel has right to defend themselves.

Again, we look double standards: Israel means has the right to defend itself, and neighboring Syria — no? Syria has 20 months to protect itself from terrorists, thus, more humane methods for the civilian population. But the Syrian president announced international pariah, and a priori control of Israel declared innocent.

Moreover, the Hamas movement, which in the Syrian conflict adopted the cause of the so-called "rebels", divides the extremist beliefs of "Muslim Brotherhood", who also have a tremendous impact on the Syrian opposition. By the same logic states of the West is that when these extremists and Islamists constructive act against the legitimate government Syria — They are different and they need to be supported. When they are in Palestine — Israel allowed them to beat, even at the cost of lives of innocent Palestinians.

West behaves in Makar is not the first time. Another Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, leading the battle against illegitimate Hague Court, noted that when structural Islamists operating in the Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija, West strongly welcomed them, and when the same faces waged war with the Yankees in Afghanistan — they were put in jail Guanatanamo. After more than a decade, repeated the same situation.

In contrast to the imperialist countries, Syria, like many other Arab countries, as our homeland, Iran, China, has condemned Israel's brutal acts carried out under the pretext of fighting terrorism, as a result of the deaths of innocent people. Management of CAP expressed sympathy to the bereaved families and reiterated that the Palestinian people have right to self-determination.

In this light, in particular, looks unattractive position of the Arab League, which replaced in order to express solidarity with their Arab brothers, perishing under Israeli fire, engaged in actions against the country, which was one of the founders of the Arab League — Syria.
After Qatar has launched the brand new structure of the "opposition" instead of an old, exhausted themselves "Istanbul council" — its quick to recognize the Gulf countries and France. Now this recognition and joined Turkey to recognize this "Qatari coalition", the huge number of members of which have long since been in Syria and forgot how it looks, the only representative of the Syrian people.

Obama has so far taken a cautious approach, at least publicly. He said that the U.S. would not be in a hurry with the recognition that "the Qatari coalition" as the Syrian government. Either this is hypocrisy, or else the right hand of Washington does not know what the left hand is doing it. After all, this coalition created by the direct call of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and tailored according to its pattern.

But the management of France — a country that was one of the instigators of last year's barbaric attack on Libya — now intends to strengthen support for the Syrian rebels and reincarnate her arms from vneglasnogo fact in frank. During the time that has passed since the bloody days of bombing Libya, France had to change management, but the colonial essence remains the same. Hollande did not want to learn the hard way its predecessor Sarkozy and comes on the same rake — so the "left" interlock with the "right" as it is about punishment nepokorlivyh states reluctant to obey the dictates of internationalist.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich denounced the intention of the West, namely, France, to increment the support of armed terrorists in Syria, citing adopted in 1970, the UN General Assembly's Declaration on Principles of international law, which prohibits certain countries to support or finance military actions designed to forcibly change authorities in the other country. In addition, the statements of France flatly contradict the spirit of the Geneva agreements and recognized by the Security Council, Kofi Annan Plan, the purpose of which is now continuing Al-Ibrahimi.

But West Not for the first time breaks the peace agreement reached, souchastvuya the sins of those fighters and Mariah and their hands with blood.
Adventure, enjoying the highest such "protection", continue their brutal crimes. The "opposition" seeks to destroy, first, the color of civilization — educated people, intellectuals, artists, engineers and professionals. So, on November 12 in the town of Homs came attempted engineers Hisyu Khaled Saad al-Din Ibrahim Youssef and Tlass. Terrorists fired at their car. Now the attempt is not headed for its own purposes, but was killed by a driver Youssef Mahmoud Tlass.

November 13, near the town of the province of Idleb Muhanbal several officials made an inspection tour to get acquainted with how to pass the reconstruction of the bridge, which was destroyed by terrorists. The bandits shot the car in which they were traveling, and eventually died Director of the General Directorate of auto transport Abdel-Razak al-Youssef.

November 14, gunmen bombed quarter of mezze, near the shopping center. Miraculously, there were no casualties, but closely spaced buildings suffered substantial damage.

On the same day offenders subjected to mortar fire houses of innocent people. One shell was fired near the Umayyad Mosque, three — in a residential neighborhood of Dahiya al-Assad. Several apartments peaceful inhabitants of the destroyed, and only by sheer luck there were no casualties.

But the blood was shed in the Yarmouk camp in Damascus. Already which once the residence of Palestinian refugees came under fire. 6 people were killed.
On the same day, November 14, in Aleppo civilians took to the campaign to support the Syrian army in the area of Sheikh Lutfi. Such stocks in the town, whose inhabitants do not accept pseudo-revolutions — not unique. Very angry militants such position inhabitants of the town, and they open fire on those shares, sparing neither women nor children. And now the brave demonstrators were fired upon. Three ladies and four children were injured.

In Homs in the Al-Vaara terrorists blew up a bomb near the fairgrounds. Their victims were two kids. 6 people, among which the lady had been wounded.

On the highway Damascus — Aleppo gunmen kidnapped humanitarian aid "Red Crescent", which was created for the peaceful inhabitants of Idleb and Aleppo. Three freight trucks with 15 tons of food, medicines and other goods needed to suffering people, were deported as "fighters for democracy."

November 15, in the province of Idleb on the road between the towns of Erich and Serakeb offenders had a deadly explosion. Two civilians were killed and three others wounded. Three more bombs bandits wanted to lay in the town of Nahal, but fortunately, these samples were disrupted, and means more lives saved.
And this "opposition" is supported by the West, it is considered a "noble rebels" and it going to provide more tools to shed more blood, perished even more ladies and kids. Neuzh then West point blank does not see their crimes? Just in offices in Paris and London, Washington and Ankara sits frostbitten cynics who, despite the blood and sacrifice, suffering and tears on the peaceful inhabitants of Syria, continue to go over their heads to their plans and hatred malehankih country that does not want to submit to their will , surpassed for all their human values and the rule
of law.

On outrageous violations of the West have unchanging Syrian representative to the UN Bashar al-Jafari, speaking at a meeting of the UN General Assembly in New York, which held a discussion of the report of the UN Council on Human Rights. The report of this was a very one-sided, it contained only in the address accusations of Syrian army and no bukovkoy not been convicted of barbaric atrocities anti-Syrian terrorists. But one can only wonder how the poison of hate language in the address Syria do not burn through the paper on which this report was written.

Al-Jaafari accused the West is that they privatize the UN Council on Human Rights and use it for the purpose for which it was not intended. Instead of this the protection of human rights is one-sided indictment of the country of Syria. "Guardians of the rights of the Syrians" do not want people to notice suffering from SAD lopsided economic sanctions that aggravate the economic and humanitarian situation in the country, he said.

The representative of Syria to the United Nations called on the Council of the above claim by supporters of terrorism to end acts against the Syrian people, shed his blood and converting the inhabitants of the cities in the Syrian refugees. Will heard the call? Judging by the double standards of the West — no. But the people are forced to announce his word and claim from their own governments to use taxpayers' money to complete the financing of the barbarians and murderers.

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