The inhabitants of Sevastopol offended by Russia

Residents of Sevastopol offended by Russia

The inhabitants of the town's famous grudge against Russia, which is still considered a private home

Historical fate of Sevastopol and St. Petersburg are identical and are not identical at once. Both towns were born in the XVIII century. Both are based ports as comfortable with arsenals and shipyards, in spite of the arrogant neighbors, Petersburg — the Swedes, Sevastopol — the Turks. On the 2-towns majestic Russian war has left an indelible mark. The city on the Neva River suffered the siege, a city on the Black Sea has been destroyed by 90 percent, and its last defenders and inhabitants experienced in 1942 a dreadful torment, than the inhabitants of besieged Leningrad.

Now, these are not like the town does, except that the names of streets, which are prevalent in the names of the majestic Russian naval commanders. Petersburg — Northern Capital, a cultural treasure house, an industrial center and an important transport junction. Sevastopol — the city 2-hireyuschih military bases, beaches and angry memories of the past. He recalls an old, ailing servant, whose owner is a convenient set of home and is no longer allowed on the threshold …

Oleg Dmitriev occasionally brought by trip boat ride on Inkerman. More often, he enjoys boating, plying between the marina and the Count's north side. But on that day, July 5, 2008, when Oleg did own a small feat, particularly Inkerman boat was near. Oleg and his friends jumped on him, laden with the heavy iron stove. On this day, the Ukrainian Navy sailors were going to install a plaque in honor of the 90th anniversary of the raising of the Black Sea Fleet ships to Ukrainian flags. Activists of the pro-Russian organizations that consider the event an act of betrayal, collected crowded rally. Several young men broke through the chain of Ukrainian marines and ripped from the wall plate. Then he jumped on the already off-shuttle boat and drowned his burden here and there among the Sevastopol bay. Surprised Ukrainian marines could only stare them followed suit.

Later, the participants of this action were tried and given suspended sentences. But do not regret anything. And the ill-fated tablet so far is on the old days. Samples Ukrainian divers raise it ended so well without glory as a sample to hang it.

The story of the sign was only an episode in a large-scale "war of monuments" which had been boiled in Sevastopol only recently. The townspeople all the world to raise funds for a monument to Catherine II — the founder of the town, then a year, day and night guarding it from nationalists, sometimes I stop in the city. A monument to Ukrainian authorities have established their own chief naval commander Hetman Sagaidachnyi, adapting to the case found here and there a statue of a dancing Cossack. Today, both the monument to peacefully stand in their places: Empress — in the heart of the town, and the hetman pirate — on the edge of the middle buildings.

Now, when residents of Sevastopol hated "orange" power lost the elections and left in the past, the political passions in the past are gone, too. Then came a dead calm, quiet, unhurried death of a memorial. It rises from the ruins of the dirty, unkempt seaside resort. On the coasts, where once stood the military units (they exist only resemble the remains of concrete fences with stitching wire), accelerated pace to build houses and hotels. Open shopping centers and restaurants. The authorities are selling the land, even in Victory Park.

The fact that in Sevastopol poured funds are not reflected in its form. The once closed military city with an exemplary order, spotless and well maintained looks now as if the years had been under siege by the enemy. Straseni broken roads and sidewalks, worn to the obscene wall, houses a couple of years there is no hot water. And in the winter can turn off the heating system, social service agencies, who had not seen a Russian repair time, which is a sorry spectacle in the trolley 70 years of production may fall off on the go door or fall under the passenger seat.

And the inhabitants of the town, which in the past year, almost unanimously voted for Viktor Yanukovych, had hoped that all of their failure to come to an end when the party comes to power, which in the period of the election campaign intensively exploited the "pro-Russian" style.

But the new girl power was not ready to give the town that so generously promised before the elections: the Russian language is not returned to school, radio and television — only in Ukrainian, nobody is going to rebuild the shattered city economy.

In general, the most nasty and bitter frustration announcements in the near future do not come from Kiev, and from Moscow.

Reform of the Armed Forces, which in our country do not see anything for Sevastopol reincarnated as a social disaster. In this year of the Black Sea Fleet fired 2,700 people — officers and warrant officers. And this in a town where most of the jobs there for only three months of the summer. Moreover, the Russian military personnel with the same Russian citizenship, were not evacuated from a foreign country after the dismissal.

— We are commanded to two weeks to release state-owned housing. But where to go, how to live on, did not say — says Lieutenant-Commander Oleg Trunks (name changed). — From our battalion fired 180 people, but the apartments were given only two of them. And the work of 5 people found the latest. And so we sit — Russian officers — at the neck with their wives …

His wife Elisabeth summer iskhitryalas work in 3 places at once, the 12-year-old daughter nursed with 2 younger brothers and Trunks drowned bitter with the same evil fruit, whose home without regret threw overboard.

Olga Petrovna — the officer's wife with 22 years of experience — is also the only breadwinner in the family.

— All of our youth has gone down the drain, on the road between the Baltic Sea, Murmansk and Sevastopol. My spouse disappeared for months on their own ship, the kids can say, with hardly recognize his father when the house arose. And command appreciated his services …

Her husband, Captain 3rd rank reduced without giving rose quite a little before retirement.

— We had hoped that at least our kids will be able to get out of here. Now … Where did we, beggars, funds to train kids in Russia?

To free education in Moscow, many kids could count Sevastopol through social program that funded the government of the Russian capital. Moscow have the patronage of the Black Sea Fleet flagship, built housing for officers, helped those who wish to move to Russia. Thanks to all that Sevastopol felt that the homeland is mindful of them.

And this summer, the new Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced that the metropolitan treasury not rubber, and it's time to run across the economy mode. Among other cut financing social programs in Sevastopol. The fact that it has kept Moscow, which is now all over the town immediately changes to the asphalt paving tiles, comparable with a handful of grain in the elevator. And of Sevastopol gave realize that you no longer need …

— When Churchill arrived at the Yalta conference, then asked Stalin to Crimea. Stalin replied: "If you guess where my middle finger — then Crimea yours." Churchill knew that Stalin had not all the fingers are bent and got the fig, — says Sergey taxi driver by cutting the distant headlights southern night. Historical anecdote as well as possible to the place — we&#3
9;re going along the famous golden beams, which now grows grapes for champagne in the XIX century it place Plain dubbed death. During the Crimean war there killed our artillery brigade of British light cavalry. Killed many British aristocrats. It is believed that among them was and grandfather of Winston Churchill. That is why, according to the views of Sergei Dmitrievich, Britain wanted to take possession of these lands a century after that war.

Telling it all, as if he had witnessed a conversation between the favorites of powers, and Stalin cleverly showing fig, our taxi driver — a retired Navy officer — sweeps past a roadside restaurant where the entire wall of battle painting depicts: smartly clad riders with tremendous flags — red cross on snow-white field — and falls dead buckshot Russian gunners.

Taxi drivers — experts historical legends, and a restaurant, crowned battle painting — not unusual for Sevastopol. City his past lives. Remembers introduces his visitors, often selflessly protect and passionately.

"Defend Sevastopol" — these words in your own hour of death, said Admiral Kornilov, for many of Sevastopol were a call to action. And everyone follows it as their own forces.

— If Our homeland has thrown us, it does not mean that we should renounce the homeland — says Lena ordinary housewife, who tells his children that they — the Russians. She is one of the enthusiasts who collect books in the Russian language for Sebastopol libraries. This movement emerged in 2009. At first, the townspeople ask their own friends from Russia who come to stay, bring a book. Then connect online community. And in 2009, readers of the "HB" gathered for Sebastopol kids about 200 books that have been delivered to the Library named Gennady Cherkashina. The activists, among which ordinary housewife and a very busy lady, often go to the station — to meet another parcel of books. This is their small contribution to the defense of his native town.

Meanwhile, in the town, where at every turn — a monument in the near future, two new museum. At St. Michael's battery — excellent preserved coastal fortifications, the museum was opened, made patron Alexis Sheremetyevo — the largest private historical collection in the former Soviet Union, and perhaps the world. Battery halls returned to the ranks of the XIX century right up to the metal of Dutch ovens, exposure to the degree of interactivity, perhaps, too, is unprecedented in the modern museum business post-Soviet space.

But the main museum event Sevastopol — The transformation of the 35th battery. This coastal battery at Cape Chersonese became the site of the most terrible and heroic defense of Sevastopol episode in 1942. On a narrow half-island gathered about 100 thousand defenders and peaceful inhabitants of the town, retreating under the pressure of the enemy. They expected the evacuation by sea, but Moscow allowed to take out only the supreme command of all the others remained with the order to fight to the end. They fought to the end, without ammunition, food and fresh water, then found his death on this earth Cloquet.

Museum entrance which completely free of charge — is given in the form non-hazardous underground structures batteries, which up to this time, you can find evidence of that catastrophe, documents, photos. Guests lead to a small area that extends to the sea, with which tormented by thirst defenders batteries recruited from the blood of a reddish sea water. Excursion ends in the Pantheon of glory, something resembling a planetarium. Sightseers behold the like in the dark on the walls there are photos of the victims and the Black Sea Fleet of Sevastopol peace. Later, a person slowly fade and instead they light up the stars.

Vacationers in shorts and sundresses, even those who came to the museum only because it is free, go here shocked and pallid. The truth about the unprecedented and unparalleled feat of meanness does not leave anyone flegmantichnym …

In general, Sevastopol realize heroic past and the glorious deeds of ancestors can not eat. We have to accept the fact that the city is transformed into a resort like Yalta or Yalta. In summer, visitors are not so small that hard and get on a bus and look place on the beach. But four months until the holiday season continues, feed the entire year. In autumn and winter, the majority of urban residents do not. Income from renting the home — as well.

But even in such dire straits city protests against the plans of "Avlita" — owner of the docks in the harbor bay — to build within the town coal terminal. Naturally, he will give a certain number of jobs, but will cover the white walls of dark dust of houses and white sailors cap. And it Sevastopol disagree. It's easier to come to terms with the tourists — the new invaders who seized the city without a fight and kill his soul, bathing in the Sunken Ships Monument, galloping on defensive redoubts — graves defenders are announced seaside boulevard bad voices at karaoke. And it seems that this occupation is forever.

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