The keel is laid first time Russian ice-breaker with a capacity of 25 megawatts

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on Wednesday took part in the ceremony of laying the keel of diesel-electric icebreaker LK-25 (Icebreaker 8 25 MW) at the Baltic Shipyard in St. Petersburg (enters the United Shipbuilding Corporation). The vessel shall be built in 5 years and come to the replacement of an old Finnish icebreakers built 70-80-ies of the last century.

Earlier in this plant have been laid two icebreakers "Moscow" and "Saint-Petersburg", but the average type. A built icebreaker now larger and powerful 25 MW to 16 MW.

"This is the first great ice breaker which Our homeland itself has laid in this century. This is a landmark event. Icebreaker, which was founded in the summer on the Baltic plant does not count, since it will build together with the Finns ", — reads the newspaper gaze spokesman for the United Shipbuilding Company Alexei Kravchenko. This refers to the innovator kosohodny icebreaker project capacity of 7.5 MW, which in July was laid on the Baltic Shipyard near Kaliningrad.

On a purely Russian icebreaker LK-25, it is designed for self-piloting, and to act as a support vessel in complex caravans along the Northern Sea Route. Is in many ways very different from the icebreaker ships of the previous generation.

For the first time in the world to use a combined propulsion system, providing stable maneuverability and agility as nezapyatannoy water and ice in a languid criteria.

For the first time in the courts of such a class is planned to install truck cranes up to 150 tons to perform underwater work in the areas of installation of drilling and production platforms in the areas of the laying of submarine pipelines.

"LC-25 — it dvuhosadochny icebreaker. It will operate as a linear icebreaker for pilotage with full ballast. When he casts ballast, he sediment drops to about 8 feet, he can work in the mouths of our northern rivers, providing the Northern territories, will be able to cut away the ice in the appropriate places in the port area, spending caravans. One such icebreaker will replace two icebreakers — and a real linear shallow-draft icebreaker ", — says Alexey Kravchenko.

This new icebreaker could be named in honor of Viktor Chernomyrdin. Such a proposal has already sent Rosmorrechflot to the appropriate authorities.

Medvedev referred to the construction of a new icebreaker fleet and present staff of the company. "We need to revive the shipbuilding, the honor and the glory of the fleet" — highlighted the head of government. The Prime Minister also hopes for a speedy implementation and other orders for the Baltic plant, which, in his words, "the enterprise will be."

"Academic Treshnikov"

On Wednesday, the Prime Minister also attended the handover ceremony in the operation of scientific research vessel "Akademik Treshnikov." The flag on the ship to the sounds of the municipal anthem of the Russian Federation raised the captain of "Academician Treshnikov" Sergey Lukyanov. December 21 the ship will go to the 58th Russian Antarctic Expedition.

This is the first in the last 20 years of scientific research vessel, which was built at the Admiralty Shipyards commissioned by the Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, Russian Federation (Roshydromet).

New icebreakers

In the United Construction Company is now not complain about the shortage of orders for ice-breakers. "Today was laid icebreaker for 25 MW soon, most likely, will be laid at least one more that of an icebreaker. A week will lay a light class icebreaker at Vyborg Shipyard. This will be an icebreaker Uk-16 almost 18 MW capacity for service in the Baltic and in the port area. Such ice-breakers will build three of them "- says Alexey Kravchenko.

"We also plan to win the tender for the construction of 2-breakers 7 MW and 1st icebreaker to 4 MW. They are necessary for small ports and the South Seas, "- says Kravchenko. In addition, USC is building ice-breaking ships or ice class. "This is a supply vessels that provide raw materials, equipment and materials technology, which works on the shelf. Nobody in the world such equipment, not including us, is not building "- sums up the source of the newspaper's gaze.

As for the plans to build a plant in the Baltic's largest and most powerful icebreaker in the world, it is a question of an icebreaker LK-60 22220 project capacity of 60 MW. The icebreaker will face two-reactor power plant with the main source of the vapor from the reactor RITM-200 capacity of 175 MW. The customers of the vessel and are Rosatom "Atomflot." Its construction is estimated at 37 billion rubles.

Bookmark icebreaker is scheduled for November 2013, launching — by November 2015, and the dock in Murmansk, he must come to the December 30, 2017.

Dvuhosadochnaya ship design can be used both in the Arctic waters, and at the mouths of rivers polar. The icebreaker will work in the western region of the Arctic: the Barents, Pechora and Kara Seas, also on the more shallow areas of the mouth of the Yenisei and the Ob sponge.

"Nuclear icebreaker needed to work in the most formidable criteria. When the ice begins a 2-meter, diesel-electric icebreakers are baffled, we have to use even more serious equipment. In addition, the nuclear-powered icebreakers can walk longer distances and in a long expedition. It can go as long as necessary, complete the tasks, and so long as it is necessary ", — says Kravchenko.

The world's favorite

Our homeland, he said, is world leader in the construction of icebreakers. "Historically, our shipping is the toughest criteria for icebreakers because we do not need anyone to teach, what we teach the whole world. In the Krylov Institute entire world is going to shorthand properties of ice boats. Despite the fact that they themselves are usually more massive computers, more modern design offices and more than steep shipyards, more severe academic ability. But on the ice, and the dilemmas of navigation in ice criteria Our homeland is a trendsetter, "- says Kravchenko.

"But our home on this day, the school building has an atomic icebreaker. Our homeland has only the school building electronic icebreakers to operate in languid ice. Russian ice-breaker type is considered to be the most severe apparatus to overcome the ice in the most terrible weather conditions, "- adds the source.

The future of civilian shipbuilding

"The industry faces fundamental objectives to achieve new success in shipbuilding. We are talking about the quality of products and productivity of development. It is very difficult, but the other way for us, "- said Medvedev on Wednesday.

According to him, the potential is not wasted in our power to keep it. To do this, special attention paid to training of personnel and the use of modern technology. Specifically, the court must design in digital format. "Only in this case, our ship has a future. I hope that will happen, "- said Medvedev.

According to the Trade Ministry, during almost 20 years of municipal policy in the shipbuilding industry was limited only by the support of the military shipbuilding. But in 2006-2008, the situation began to change in the best possible way, when they were developed and approved by the shipbuilding industry development strategy for the period up to 2020 and the subsequent term and the Federal Program "Development of civilian marine equipment" for 2009-2016.

Our homeland has decided to focus on developing sverhtehnologichny, unique and limited-edition craft a particular customer wi
th the highest additional costs. The government began to adjust the value in developing a civilian shipbuilding and forms the orders for such vessels.

One of the main niches for Russian shipbuilding in the coming years, and more than long-term is to create a hardware development of the richest deposits of hydrocarbons on the continental shelf of the freezing seas of the Arctic and the Far East. Because you need to create ships and craft for development and development of deposits, and vessels for the transport security in the Arctic region.

"Where in the world are now seeing the decline of shipbuilding orders, many were sitting on a starvation diet, going bankrupt, then everything is the opposite. For example, in China, where in 2008-2010 there was 2.5 thousand yards, the third part of them have gone bankrupt. While virtually all the companies that are included in the USC (about 100), there are orders for a couple of years. We did not even have enough people to fill all orders that are there and then they will be more obvious. Because at the moment we are passionate about the involvement of staff, "- says a representative of USC.

But USC did not hide the fact that not too far away on all fronts situation is rectified. For example, in the construction of tankers Our homeland is seriously lagging behind their own rivals.

"We simply can not build a huge empty trough of 250-300 thousand tons of inexpensive as well as South Korea and China, where the average temperature is +12. In Russia, adverse climatic conditions, because half of the year, our businesses simply can not work — workers' hands froze. So that it was not necessary to build the tanker in a room the size of 12 football fields. But heating the room itself seriously raises the cost price produced by tanker. Because in this niche with them and we are not going to compete, "- says Kravchenko.

In addition, Russia must develop its own independent power systems in shipbuilding. "We are trained to build a modern and economical engines. We do not hesitate to learn, engage partners to learn from their technology, which we will later develop in its own territory, "- said Kravchenko.

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