The landslide caused the water levels in the river of the National Park of Komi

Landslide from the Ural mountains caused trehmetrovogo improve Kozhim River in the National Park "Yugyd wa" and water pollution, told RIA Novosti on Monday, the National Park director Tatiana Fomicheva.

Abnormal increase in water level in the river Kozhim (almost three meters) as well as its strong turbidity July 15 documented workers National Park. As explained by the RIA Novosti Inta Mayor Pavel Smirnov, some environmentalists believe that the cause of muddy water may be the activity of JSC "GoldMinerals", has received a license to mine gold mine's worth staying in the area, officially extracted from the national park boundaries, but bordering on it.

In the area of emergency experts left the National Park, representatives of environmental prosecutors, MEP Komi and administration Inta.

"Testing has shown that we are dealing with a rare natural phenomenon of our seats — a landslide. Heavy rains came down the ground with the Ural Mountains. It led to the damming of the river right tributary Kozhim (small creek TUB) unconsolidated Quaternary sediments," — said Fomicheva .

According to her, the large mass of water burst out, and they rushed with the loamy soil in the river bed Kozhim. "The ground which has got a clean river, soon he settles, and we have to make out debris — due to water pressure broken larch along the river" — added the director of the National Park.

"Checking the supervisors of the company also confirmed that it was (is) on the natural phenomenon, as gold miners in recent months do no work on the field is not carried out", — concluded the mayor Circumpolar.

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