The law of the dismemberment of the Russian Federation

It's no secret that the dismemberment of the Russian Federation was the primordial dream enemies of our people. The existence of a strong Russian whole country never gave them rest. The last 100 years have brought the most severe tests of the Russian Federation for all its thousand-year history. Throughout the last century, our homeland constantly struggling for survival, teetering on the verge of saving their own statehood and territorial integrity. The fight began with the February revolution of 1917 and lasted until the present time. First test of the West pose a swing Russian territorial integrity of the country on an official level have been made since the beginning of our country plainclothes war. Official Map RF, composed for the Paris Peace Conference in October 1918, in other words through any 18 months that have passed since the February revolution, included only part of the European area of our country. Then overseas movers and shakers who stole our victory in the First World War, already rubbing their hands, watching the birth process of dismemberment of the Russian Federation in the field of self. Their expectations were justified, because by the time our homeland, to reap the fruits of desecration of autocracy, experienced latest majestically confusion, and began her real separation has already been laid. Planners expect the collapse of the country had already comparable short-lived, much less that the new girl power, which proclaimed the right of nations to self-determination, she was ready to give away pieces of Russian Empire to the right and the left, and those of its provinces, which have not yet been simply unable to force their own development to accept the gift in the form of full independence was granted the status of the republics that predetermined their imminent departure from the Russian Federation in the future. Despite the best efforts of traitors RF zabugornyh and their owners, the destruction of the Empire had been delayed for 80 years, during which time a final merits of the objectives of our enemies have done everything possible.

Followed by the stately test, from which our homeland in spite of all the opponents came in the form of a global superpower, has become the second global war. Thought dismemberment RF was the ideological base of the war against fascism in our country: the rise of national consciousness of the peoples, "the oppressed" Bolshevism, had to be the key to victory in Germany, first political and spiritual, and to put an end to Russian statehood.

New rise of the ideological struggle for the dismemberment of the Russian Federation took place from the beginning of the Cool War. The concept of the defeat of the Russian state was enshrined in the United States at the legislative level. July 17, 1959 the United States adopted law under number 86-90 "On the Captive Nations." It is symbolic that this class of his own perfidy document was adopted on the anniversary of the murder of the last Russian Governor and his family. This law has both informal title "law the dismemberment of Russia. " The essence of this South American law is that the Russian Federation has enslaved Russian Baltic States, Ukraine, Belarus, the Caucasus, Turkestan, Idel-Ural (Volga region), Kazak (referred to as the "land of the Cossacks", which coincides approximately with the outlines of the borders in the Southern Federal Area) and etc. In addition to Russia and its provinces are mentioned in the document and the other countries of the world. Here is an excerpt of the text of the document: "Because these enslaved behold the civilization of the United States bastion of human freedom, seek out their leadership in their own liberation and independence, and in the restoration of religious freedom, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist and other faiths, and personal freedoms, and as for the state security of the United States actually need the unshakable support of zeal for freedom and independence, to exercise the peoples of the conquered nations, specifically … we should clear the corresponding official way to show people that this is a historical fact that the people of the United States share their aspirations to regain freedom and independence. "

Very important to note that with the collapse of the Soviet Union the law was not canceled, it continues to be one of the signs of the content of U.S. policy toward our country.

It is difficult not to agree with the fact that U.S. law 86-90 has long be successfully operates on the terrain of the country. Voluntarily or involuntarily, shaped as letters and spirit of the document were largely realized in practice. What could not be done on the basis of the West 2-world wars, was reached in 1991: Our home has lost a significant part of their own "captive" of territories, leaving behind his 10 off of millions of their fellow citizens.

Writers global laws already have gained some success, because on the surface of our united country have been cracks in the form of its municipal boundaries between provinces — the state republics. In some places, these cracks are so deep that the construction of new bridges between them seems to have virtually an impossible task. With all of this assume that overseas Libertarian on this stop — more than naive. They remain completely divide the already divided the Russian world, followed by Russia and the newest, which can not be allowed to defend its national interests, to rise from his knees and back its imperial power, once again becoming the only counterweight to the world of evil. And here in the service of the owners of the fate of the world's population will come all the same law 86-90, in what is said and what its effect will last for up to that time, "until you reach the freedom and independence of all captive nations of the world", and this means that the so-called Idel-Ural (Volga region, the Urals) and Cossackia (North Caucasus), are part of the modern Russian Federation shall be subject to the "liberation."

Due to the content of such official foreign policy doctrine of the United States, and is in fact the entire Western world, our people and authorities should have no illusions about the fact that Russia would be left alone. We will continue to rock, including the inside, using a variety of reasons in favor of the upcoming sovereignty of regions of the Russian Federation and playing on the "patriotic" emotion Russian national minorities. What happened in Russia with a vesting sovereignty regions after 1991, almost all the recalls that process, which took place on the first step of the Soviet Union, when they were created as part of the national republics of the Union. During the Yeltsin significant degree of national sovereignty is endowed with autonomy within the Russian Federation. "Take your independence as you want" — repeated Yeltsin. What caused such a position in Moscow, it was possible to follow the example of the Chechen disaster 90: 86-90 U.S. law — in action! Russian power itself and its environment intensively implemented the document in practice.

Due to the continued acts of legislation, similar to the law "On the Captive Nations", and the last U.S. efforts imbalance in the existing system of nuclear safety, announced a "reset" loses all meaning and becomes virtually impossible now. States are increasingly appears before the world in the form of a wolf, which do not try to hide behind the sheep's clothing. It is easy to imagine what could be a stormy satisfaction of the West, in the nineties when our homeland would be officially provided its state autonomy genuine political independence by signing in order to complete t
he historic defeat of the Russian Federation and practically admitting its final dissolution.

Fortunately, the political chaos of the Yeltsin era has left in the past and the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation was saved. The need to strengthen the centralization of power and the likely enlargement of regions of the Russian Federation directly to the transition to a unitary device, and the administrative division of the country on a territorial basis for 20 years says Vladimir Zhirinovsky and many other policies. Some of these initiatives have already been put into effect: on the territory of Russia were made by federal neighborhood, enlarged some regions. These acts of management of the country brought a significant contribution to the strengthening of the modern Russian state. Quite evident that the efforts of the adhesion quilt Russian Federation to continue because this is a matter of survival of the Russian world, whose core is the segodnyaschy Russia. Only whole Russian government, whole not only geographically, but also spiritually able to confront his detractors and obessmyslit any laws passed against our country abroad.

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